Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zoya: Crystal (My First Zoya Experience)

Hi Everyone!!!! I wanted to share my first experience with Zoya polish with you. Last week Zoya was having a great promotion where if you order $10 worth of product you get 3 full sized polishes for free. I thought this would be the best time to try a new brand. Why not right?

The first polish I tried out from Zoya is Crystal. This is from the Zoya Fire Collection which is new for winter. It is a stunning mid-tone blue with gold shimmer which borders on flakie. It's absolutely beautiful and unlike anything I have in my collection. The gold shimmer just makes this polish so interesting. It was difficult to photograph but if you look at the final photo (enlarged) you will see the color best, which is funny because it's inside and usually I have issues taking good photos inside.

My first impression of the formula is that it's nice. It dries SUPER fast though so you have to be careful with the sides of the bottle as you wipe any excess from the brush as it could build up quite a bit. Actual application was fine though. This color was super opaque and I just needed two coats for clean, streak free application. I was happy with it.

So what do you think of Zoya Crystal? Is it a color for you? Do you tend to go for colors like this or leave them?

You can purchase Zoya polishes for $7 on Be on the lookout for excellent promo codes like the one I took advantage of because they often do nice sales.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day!

Prim and Polished


soooo pretty! I really need to go buy myself some Zoya's!

This is one of my faves of the collection!! I don't usually do ice blue, but the gold flakies makes it worth it!

Thanks girls. The gold is what did it for me too! I don't usually go for those blues but this is so pretty!

color is pretty! i have a love/hate relationship with zoya. they wear like crap on me, but there are a few colors that i am willing to struggle with, chips or not!

Very pretty! I really like the subtle gold, it saves it from being a regular ice blue. It's such a shame Zoya doesn't ship internationally; they have some really gorgeous polishes that I'd love to try.

How ta heck did I miss that sale?