Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Deborah Lippmann: All that Jazz Trio

Hello everyone! Sorry there was no Monday post, I spent the day with friends. I got to meet my friend's new baby! Since I didn't have anything prepared there was no time for a post, but don't despair, this post will be a doozy!

Today I want to share the colors of the All that Jazz trio from Deborah Lippmann. The three colors contained in the trio are really fun. So on to the reviews.

Let's start with my favorite: Lady Sings the Blues. This color is stunning I just love it. Deborah Lippmann calls it a "silver sparkled blue" which is accurate to me. It's a cross between a royal blue and a navy blue with tons of silver micro and hex glitter. The color is just beautiful, it's so fun to just stare at my nails when I am wearing it.

The formula is nice. Sometimes the hex glitter polishes are difficult to work with, the hex glitter never wants to go onto the nail, but I didn't have any trouble with this one really at all, which is great. You'll see tons of the hex glitter in the photos and I like how it's randomly placed. This is by far my favorite of the three polishes.

Gorgeous right? I just adore it! On to the others:

Razzle Dazzle is described as "a darkened raspberry sizzle". It is packed with raspberry glitter. The shade is interesting because while it is a true raspberry color it is "darkened" which is funny because the base color is not black but sometimes when you look at it it appears to be. I like the look of this one, however raspberry colors NEVER work on me. I always get some excited for them but the color on my skin tone just falls flat. (See Heli-Yum).

That said the formula is nice. I required 3 coats for true opacity but the color built up nicely and the darkening was a nice quality.

Though the color doesn't look that great on my skin I think a ton of people will love this one, especially for the fall holidays. It's rich and interesting and totally will work for Thanksgiving and Christmas alike. It reminds me of cranberry.

Some Enchanted Evening was my least favorite of the three on its own because it's so sheer), however I do think it'd make a great glittery topcoat.

The company calls it "a pink salmon shimmer" and it's pink glitter with pink hex glitter suspended in an essentially clear base. Like I said I think this color would be best as a topcoat. Maybe on top of another pink or a black, definitely a black!

Formula was sheer, this is three coats but as you can see it's very translucent. I wouldn't wear this one alone but maybe someone else would.

Overall I do like this trio. Lady Sings the Blues is my standout. If I had to purchase just one polish that would absolutely be it. This set retails for $40 and would make an excellent gift for a fellow lacquer junkie. $40 may seem steep but it's essentially about a $54 value so it will save you a little off the price of three single bottles. It comes in a gorgeous silver box, perfect for holiday gift giving.

Prim and Polished
Disclosure: This set was provided to me by PR for consideration. All reviews are honest and done at my own discretion.


i think this set it totally worth the $$$ especially since the newest polishes are going for $20!

LStB is my absolute favorite!

I agree, it's def a pretty sweet deal. I wish you could make your own set for the price LOL

All three of these are absolutely gorgeous! Christmas, anyone...? :)

I love Lady Sings the Blues so much! Too bad they're so expensive :(
Altough the price of the set isn't so bad at all!

I just bought this set too! I am in love with Lady Sings the Blues (the whole reason I bought the set), but haven't tried the others yet. Maybe I'll wear Razzle Dazzle next.

These look beautiful! I dunno which i prefer but I reckon the blue would be perfect for autumn cos i've picked up so many blue tops and scarves :)


I love all of them but I think Lady Sings the Blues is my favourite simply because dark blue is one of my favourite colours. I'm dying for some Lippmann polishes!

I am glad you all like the swatches. I think I will wear LSTB a lot this winter!

Thanks for reading and commenting all!