Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy: Noble (Navy)

Hi everyone! Today I have a polish from Dr.'s Remedy to share with you. Dr.'s Remedy is a nail polish brand created by doctor's and is supossed to be good for your nails.  You can learn more about that here. It's Big 3 free and enriched with natural antifungal and antibacterial items like  tea tree oil and garlic.

I am not doctor but here's what I think: This product is great!  I have tried several colors from this brand, though I do think this is the first I have featured (more to come I promise). Each polish I tried applied perfectly,  as it should for $17!  Yes, $17! I find the price a little hard to swallow but it's a little easier to deal with when it's a quality product and in my opinion this brand is putting out a high quality lacquer. Can I speak for the healthy qualities? No, not really. I am  not a scientist, not a doctor, I am a consumer like you. I do think I know a good product when I use one though and this has my stamp of approval. 

Noble is a deep blackened navy creme which, as mentioned above, applies perfectly. I find this brand's polishes to be smooth, highly pigmented, shiny and rich. The shape of the handle makes it a little tough to work with, probably just because I am not used to it, but the brush is nice and I find the product goes on really perfectly! There is nothing extraordinarily unique about the color but it is pretty!

Overall I am a big fan of the quality of these polishes. I will show you more colors in the future.  I know they're a splurge but if there's a color you really like I think it's worth the price to try out.  I especially like the grey color called HEALING, it's so pretty! 

I think if you're especially interested in less harsh chemicals then you may want to check out brands like this one. I know so many of us avoid parabens and mineral oil and things like that in makeup products and don't even think of what is on our nails. It's nice that someone does the thinking for us sometimes.

Have you tried anything from Dr.'s Remedy? Do you think you will? Sound off! I want to hear from you! 

You can purchase Dr. Remedy's polish  for $17 here
Prim and Polished

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