Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OPI: Warm & Fozzie and Designer... De Better! (Muppets Collection)

Hi there lovely readers! I hope you had a nice weekend and that your week is going well! Today I have two colors from the OPI Muppets Collection to share with you.  I adore the Muppets! I couldn't resist posting a pic of Mr. Fozzie Bear himself since one of the colors I am sharing is named after him.  As you all know by now, I am a HUGE Disney World fan. One of my favorite areas in MGM Studios (yes, I know it's Hollywood Studios now, but I will not ever really get on board with that) is the Muppet area.  If you have never been there you need to go, stat! It's so fun and festive. Everything is tricked out with Muppet Mania and the Muppet Vision 3D show is so old now that I think I can officially call it a Disney classic and I love it! Okay, okay, enough rambling, on to the polish. 

Warm and Fozzie is one of the prettiest colors in this collection in my opinion.  It's an interesting finish that is not quite a frost, not quite a shimmer and not quite metallic. I am truly at a loss for how to describe the finish but it sure is beautiful.

It's a warm brown colos with copper, bronze, gold and even some silver "particles" throughout. (OPI calls it a metallic copper) It creates the most amazing fallen leaves look on your nails. Being from New England I am used to the incredible fall foliage and this color reminds me of a big ol' pile of raked leaves. It's got all of the warm tones you'd expect to see in that pile.  It's the perfect fall color in my opinion.  It creates so much interest on the nails.

The formula was good. I used two coats for the opacity shown in the photos and while I think you can get away with two coats next time I think I will go for the third because in the sunlight I did feel it was a bit more sheer than it appeared indoors.  (Though you can't tell from the photos).

Next up is Designer...De Better! which to be honest is the weirdest name and I don't quite get it. I mean sure, I can see Miss Piggy saying it for whatever reason but it makes no real sense to me. Oh well! 

This color is really interesting because it's like two colors in one. When I first saw it in the bottle I thought it was a champagne shimmer. You know the color I mean, that light gold yellow champagne color with tons of sparkle. On the nails though this color shocked me.  It's like champagne and silver in one! In some lights it appears totally silver but in most lighting it's like a light silver with bronze particles throughout. It's incredibly interesting and I have nothing in my collection quite like it. OPI calls it a metallic bronze. 

I used two coats of this one and got full opacity. I'd say there is no need for a third with this one. Everything was smooth, no balding or streaking.

I took photos with different lighting to hopefully show you what I mean but how different it can look. Hope it translates properly! 

Aren't these two stunners? I am really happy with them and think they work really well for this time of the year. Thoughts? 
Prim and Polished

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