Monday, November 21, 2011

Revlon: Carbonite

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Today I have a polish from the drug store to share with you all.  I know we tend to focus our attention on the big brands like OPI and Essie and forget that the drug store has some affordable good quality lacquers readily available.  Revlon is a company that has been stepping up its game across the board putting out higher quality cosmetics in trendy colors.

Remember the Chanel Paradoxal dupe, Perplex? Well Revlon has done it again and they've made their own version of Chanel's highly sought after Graphite.  Many bloggers have done a side by side comparison and I am sorry you won't see one here but I can't drop $25 on a polish I can get a $5 dupe for! Sorry!!! But I can show you Carbonite  and tell you what I think of it:

Carbonite is a dark grey/silver color with an interesting almost suede like finish.  I used a top coat like usual but this polish was smoother than the typical shimmer, it was almost as if the shimmer was infused inside the liquid vs. on top of it. (If that makes any sense).  From what I have seen on other blogs it's a really close dupe for Graphite. To my eye Graphite is just slightly more shimmery than Carbonite but I think if you're craving this color and don't want to cough up the dough this one will do.

Sorry the photos are lackluster, it's been hard for me to get good lighting with it getting dark so early now. I get out of work and it's pitch black so I don't get to use the natural sun as much as I wish I could, not to mention winter in Connecticut is just plain gloomy. 

So what do you think of this one? If you couldn't find the Revlon version would you splurge on the Chanel? 

I found this polish at Ocean State Job lot for $1.50. Yes, $1.50. Insane right? So if you have one nearby check out their stash, they might have some left!
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