Thursday, February 25, 2010

China Glaze: "Peachy Keen"

China Glaze "Peachy Keen" is another polish from the Up & Away Collection. This "peach" creme is a color that everyone seemed to be extremely excited about. I too was excited about this color however I do not think this worked for me at all.

I have seen some beautiful swatches of this color where it appeared to be the perfect peach tone. On me, it's orange, and this tone of orange looks bad on my skin. I guess my coloring makes this look more orange.

The formula on this polish is thick and pigmented. It's opaque in 2 coats but I used three to clean up messy application. I find thick polishes a bit difficult to apply well, no matter how precise I try to be. Pastels like this are notoriously hard to work with, this wasn't horrible but not great.

Do you have "Peachy Keen"? What do you think of it? My eye always wanders to these cantaloupe/peach/orange colors and time and time again I am disappointed with how they look on me.

Prim and Polished


I had the same problem with it! All swatches I've seen looked great and I put it on, it looked like plastic doll hands. Happens all the time with those peachy colours. I swapped mine for a really pretty purple duochrome <3

Ohhh purple duochrome is where it's at! LOVE!

I keep moving this colour off and back on my wish list. I truly don't know what to do...

Wow, that's pretty much what happened to me with Essie's Tart Deco! I don't like it on me very much at all, but this, this was perfect on me. I can't believe how orangey it looks on you, that's a surprise!

Weird Nicole!!! And we're very similar in skintone too!!!

I really want this but I'm afraid of it. My last couple of peach/corals have been a major disappointment.
Like hot streaky mess disappointment. Sorry this didn't work for you. Maybe you can trade it in a swap or use it for a franken.

I have it and I didn't like it at all when I first saw it. I don't like orange... But then, when I was swatching it, I kind of fell for it.
It look almost neon on you, your skin must be very fair. =)
I think it looks good on you though.

I think I might try and swap it Lambchop, great idea!

Nihrida - that's the odd thing, I am not really fair skinned at all! I am NW35 in MAC and slightly olive toned. This pic is direct sunlight which might do it but you're right it looks totally neon on me! Maybe it's the greenish undertones I have? Not sure! I was so disappointed!

I ordered it through 8ty8 and I am waiting for it...Actually peach/orangey colours look bad on me (I don't know my MAC type but I can use both light golden and light olive foundation) but I wanted to try it all the same, it seemed so nice in pictures...

Smatly- Sounds like we might have some similar undertones. I am interested to hear what you think of it when you get it. keep us posted.

One of my favourites this too. Every time I see a swatch from this colletion i go: "my favourite". Lol.
But it is. Love peachy shades, and this even fits my skin tone ... :)

Ok ;-) I can't wait for my parcel to arrive (I ordered also Grape Pop and a couple more from Up&Away collection)!

Lacquermanic I wanted to love it!!!

Smatly - Enjoy! I love Grape Pop!!

Gina the parcel arrived just yesterday :-0 I'm afraid to try Peachy K., I can see it clashing with my skintone even in the bottle!
I hope that it won't be that bad on nails...

Good luck!!!! I wish this worked for me!

It doesn't work for me, too :-(

It doesn't work for me, too :-(