Monday, February 8, 2010

China Glaze "High Hopes" from the Up & Away Collection

"High Hopes" from China Glaze debuted with the Up & Away collection and is described on Trans Design as "guava". This color is a true stunner; a gorgeous high gloss orange tinted red creme. This color is super flattering and SUPER difficult to photograph. I'd say these photos lean a tiny bit more orange than the actual color is but I did my best. I promise, this is NOT saftey orange. Now let's talk fruit, shall we?

This is a guava, which like I said "High Hopes" is described as. I personally think "High Hopes" is more of a papaya... as long as we're on the tropical fruit comparison right?

This is a papaya, I think this is closer to what the color is than guava. Perhaps we can call "High Hopes" a guava-papaya. Yes, a hybrid.

The formula on this one is wonderful. This collection has consistently impressed me and this color is no exception. It's so bright it borders on pastel. It's thick and pigmented, goes on smoothly and is opaque in two coats. This is one of my favorites from the collection. It's going to be perfect for summertime. I think I will be pulling this one out a lot when I am tan.

What do you think of "High Hopes"? Did you pick this one up, or do you plan to?

Prim and Polished


I can actually tell from the swatches that this has a nice red undertone to it. Very nice color, though reds just are not my thing.

I am glad you can see the red!!! Yes, lots of poeple aren't into the reds. I love them!


I agree Jackie, much more so than the guava.

Thanks Charis!

I love this collection and I am still waiting for this to be available at my local store. I preordered 2 of the polishes. But now I am getting a wee bit impatient!

great nails btw! Love the length and shape.

I love-love-love this collection! The girls at Ulta are starting to recognize me. This isn't good.

The first time I went in, I bought Four Leaf Clover (nails are still stained from it, sadly, even with a base coat), Grape Pop, Heli-Yum, and Re-Freshmint.

Today my intention was to go in and buy Peachy Keen ONLY, but I ended up with Flyin' High, High Hopes, and Sugar High (a lotta High) instead.

I can't wait to wear High Hopes, though, it's absolutely gorgeous! May still have to break down and buy Peachy Keen, though... ;)

Erin, this is my favorite collection! Enjoy your new polishes!!!! I did notice that four leaf clover was a bit harder to remove completely. I didn't get staining but it was a tough removal process so I know what you mean!!!

Hi! I just wanted to let you know I tagged you! :)


Thanks for the tag Michele!!! and for the compliment on my nails! I like to keep them shorter like this!! It takes forever to cut and shape them bc they grow fast. My local stores also do not have them yet. I couldn't wait so I paid shipping boo!