Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Who Dat! Geaux Saints!

It's Super Bowl Sunday and to get into the sprirt of things I tried my hand at some BASIC nail art. I tried to Konad, once again and I failed. I give up, I am throwing that crap away! So I was a little lazy about this. I painted my nails with Milani "Black Magic" and then just free handed with China Glaze "2030". Nothing fancy but it will do!

Now I have been a Saints fan my whole life and being from New England I stand alone up here. I've been made fun of for years because the Saints were never that good. This is out year baby! We deserve this Super Bowl and win or lose it's been a heck of a season!

Who are you rooting for?

Geaux Saints! Who Dat!?!?!

Prim and Polished


Gina, this is very nice! I like this color combo :)

Thanks Nea, that's how, as a child, I ended up loving the Saints, the COLORS haha!

I love those half nail manis, there are so many possible combos, like yours here. Very nice!

Thanks! This was my first try at this kind of mani! I was too lazy to tape it for a straight line but I like how it came out!

I love this!!! 2030 looks so much better on you than on me!

Thanks Brooke, I think the trick was it's not the whole nail. This is not the type of formula I usually enjoy!

Thanks L! :-)

I like it! I tried a half nail mani once but it was a total fail!

Thanks! I think the key is to not go for exactly 1/2 but to just free hand it. The OCD in us might be annoyed but it's easier. I didn't do 1/2 at all.

Looks nice! I'm not a huge football person myself, but I do live in Indiana, so here it was Colts, Colts, Colts.

Congratulations on your Superbowl win! Celebrate!

@it's a: I can imagine the craziness going on there. Around here there's lot's of Giants, Jets and Patriots fans... boo!! My hubby likes the 49ers. I am a Saints girl. Finally our time!