Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Interview with a Polish Blogger: Rebecca (Nails Etc.)

Hello lovely readers! Our first interview was a huge hit so I think I'm going to make this a reoccurring feature! The fancy schmancy images on the questions took FOREVER to edit so I am not going to do that again but I am sure you won't miss that too much. I am aiming to make each interview a little bit different depending on the person's interests, I think it's more fun that way. I hope to learn more about many of you, and again if you'd like to be featured please email me at

Today we're meeting Rebecca from Nails Etc. If you haven't checked out her blog you're missing out!!! So without further ado meet Rebecca...


How did you get so interested in nail polish?

Answer: Well, I've always liked having nice nails and as a kid I learned cello and piano, which meant I had to keep my nails short. Because I couldn't grow them long like my friends did I painted them! I remember giving and receiving nail polishes for Christmas at school!

Then when I was training as a teacher (last year), I was so busy I rarely had time to do my nails so they got neglected until I was re-inspired by MAC Steamy, and the whole thing has spiraled from there really! My mum thinks I'm weird, and doesn't like it when I wear bright colours.

Music seems to be a big part of you life, tell us a bit about that...

Answer: Well, I already mentioned the cello and piano parts...I was never very good at piano but I was in charge of an orchestra at uni, which was stressful but great fun! I am also a member of an opera company called Midland Opera and we rehearse every Thursday in an amazing church in Birmingham. In November I was honoured to be a chorus member in the opera of Macbeth by Verdi. It was a phenomenal experience and one of the things I am most going to miss when I leave the UK later in the year :(

Singing has always been part fo my life for as long as I can remember. All through school and university I have been in various choirs and sung all different kinds of music. It is something I cannot imagine my life without.

Aside from that, I love listening to all kinds of music but my favourite artists are Joni Mitchell and Paul Weller.

What's your collection like size wise? Have you counted?

Answer: I've not counted recently, but I'd say it's under 40 polishes. Nothing like the crazy amounts some of the ladies in the blogging world have!

What's your favorite polish brand?

Answer: Illamasqua. Definitely.

If you had to choose only 5 polishes to use for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Answer: Probably 5 Illamasqua polishes :p But If I had to choose from my current collection, It would be my 3 Illamasquas (Fern, Poke and Alarm) plus MAC Steamy (for the memories, plus everyone needs a pink creme) and OPI Paint My Moji-Toes Red, for the quality.

What colors have you been rocking most lately?

Answer: I love to rock all colours, but the amount of blue and purple I've worn recently has gone up!

Is there any color you do not like wearing?

Answer: It's not really a colour, but I don't like sheer finishes or polishes with MAHOOSIVE bits of glitter in them.

How did you decide to start your blog? What was your motivation? How did you chose the name?

Answer: Well in the summer I started reading beauty blogs, and through these got hooked on nail polish blogs. It seemed like a really nice community and I'd planned on starting one for aaaaages but like I said, up until recently I've been busy learning to teach! Now I have a bit more time to myself I not only paint my nails but I have time to photograph and write about them as well. I was really motivated by the desire to talk to people who are as obsessed if not MORE obsessed with nails than me! And boy are there a lot of you out there... ;)

The name, well it's a pretty terrible name that just popped into my head!

What do you think is the most essential tool/technique/product needed to achieve the perfect manicure.

Answer: A steady hand and nice cuticles (neither of which I have).

You mentioned you like to read. What's your favorite novel? Favorite non-fiction?

Answer: I love fiction and my favourite author at the moment is Jasper Fforde. He's a really clever British writer who includes lots of characters from other works of fiction in his novels. The books are just so multi-layered and there is so much to discover about the world he's created that they are un-put-downable!

My favourite non-fiction is Bill Bryson's travel books. He's an American from Des Moines, Iowa who ended up in the UK as one of our adopted citizens. He's also the chancellor of my old university and I got to shake his hand when I graduated. He said "congratulations, Rebecca!" and I was grinning all day!

How many languages do you speak?

I did my degree in French and Italian so those are my strongest languages. I also learned German at school and studied Spanish for a year at uni. PLUS I am going to live with my OH in Norway in September so I am learning that as well. I guess you could say I have a working knowledge of about 5 languages other than English.
What polish brand do you think is the best kept secret? (not popular but fabulous)
Definitely Hot Looks by Collection 2000. For the price it's amazing quality!

You mentioned you like to cook? What's your favorite dish to make?

Answer: I think I make a great macaroni cheese. The secret is to use really strong cheese and some wholegrain mustard mmm. Risotto is one of my favourites to do as well. It's so versatile and satisfying and my Italian friends said that I made it in the true Italian way! I was so proud.

Are there any products you can't get in your country that you wish you could?

Answer: It's not so much that I can't get things like China Glaze, Orly, etc but I wish they were more readily available in the shops rather than having to stumble across them online or in hair salons.

From blogging I know that I really wish we had Man Glaze and Milani polishes here though!

Prim and Polished


I like the idea that this kind of interviews should be regular rubric. I just like read about other people, I guess I'm really curious :D

I am glad you like it! I think it's really fun!

I love this! I love your idea of interviews with the bloggers, it makes the whole nail blogging community a little closer and definitely more personal. Can't wait to see future interviews!!

Thanks for reading, glad you like the feature. I am having so much fun with it!!!

Another great interview :D Its fun to get to know people :)

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