Tuesday, February 2, 2010

China Glaze "VIII"

I picked this up the other day at Sally Beauty Supply because they had a coupon where you get one free China Glaze with the purchase of a Seche Vite top coat, so I couldn't pass up a deal like that, two of my favorites in one!

China Glaze "VIII" is a gorgeous sort of vampy blackened purple color. In the bottle the color is just a stunning, very clearly purple, on the nails it takes on a bit more of the black and appears to be a black but better type of color.

I always find colors like this difficult to work with, requiring lots of clean up but I think that speaks more to my application style than formula. The formula on this isn't too thick or too thin it's just right.

I am a huge fan of this color, especially on shorter nails. I am not sure why but I tend to wear these sorts of colors when I have little nubbins after a break. I feel like, on me, they look better that way. But obviously colors like this work on any sort of nail.

If you're into dark and vampy I think this color would be a winner for you. Not quite black, not quite violet but a beautiful mysterious mixture of the two.

Prim and Polished


I have this one too & I love it! It looks beautiful on you!

Thanks Cindy! I think it's a great color. I am shocked I didn't have it before!!!

It looks amazing.
I agree with you, I think that colours like that do look better on short nails.


Yes, I find myself avoiding these colors when my nails are longer.

I was still in doubt, didn't know if I should order this one. But after seeing this, it goes on my wishlist.

Glad I helped you decide!!! I am such an enabler LOL

Unlike the rest I think this color could look good on any length. I think it has a lot to do with the right application and care of the nails themselves :-)

Love how shiny this pretty baby is!

It is super shiny! I love shiny cremes. I think you're right, on certain people's long nails it would look great. On me, I never like the darks on my nails long. But you're right, I have seen some amazing bloggers with talons and dark nails look great on them.

I have that polish too, and I love it. And I do agree with you: These darks is prettier on shorts. I don't feel comfortable with such darks when my nails are long.

Thanks for reading. It's a great one I love it!

love all these colors. I dont do my nails - and this makes me kind of sad. Being such a sucker for color. I could see myself collecting bottles just to admire their beauty. lol

Thanks Sarah!!! You totally would if you saw some of the amazing collections people have, so gorgeous to look at!!!

Oh, this is so cute on your nails! I love it :)

Great deal! I wish I had that coupon. Love the polish. Love your nails!

Stunning color!
It is now on my wishlist too. :)

@project polish, thanks it was a good one! I couldn't pass it up!!

@swatchaholic glad to enable LOL

ProjectPolish - I tried to leave a comment on your blog but the comment links aren't working for me :(

Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention! I've fixed the problem.

Glad you saw it! I didn't know how to contact you!

Such a pretty Vampy shade of purple.