Sunday, January 17, 2010

OPI: "Ink"

After Christmas hubby and I went to the mall, and if you knew my husband you'd know this was a rare occasion. He'd had surgery on his foot in early December and he was just finally off the crutches and wanted to walk on his foot a bit before getting back to work so we hit the mall to get him walking. While at the mall I spied one of those discount salon type stores and noticed they had $3.95 OPI polishes (limit two). So I had hubby help me pick some colors and "Ink" was one of his choices. Who knew the man had such great taste?!!?

"Ink" is a beautiful and unique color. It took some work to get it to photograph correctly but I think that I was able to pretty much capture its beauty fairly accurately, especially in the first photograph below. It's a beautiful royal purple which in certain lighting looks blue or black with a really pretty pinkish/red shimmer. The shimmer was difficult to capture in the photograph but if you enlarge the photos you will see it.

I've said it before and I will say it again: I HATE the pro wide brushes on OPI polishes. I make a huge mess, get pooling around the cuticles and dread using them. If OPI didn't have such beautiful colors I'd give up on them all together. IDK if I have small nails or what but that brush is nothing but trouble in my book.

The photos are of three coats but I think you can get away with two if you're neat about it. If you're a purple lover I'd check this color out for sure, it's really pretty. Also, as a side note, I do not own the Suede version of "Ink" but from all of the photos I have seen and the reviews I have read I do not believe that the colors are the same at all. I think the suede version is more blue and bears really almost no resemblance to this color whatsoever.

Do you have "Ink"? What do you think of it?! What do you think about wearing this with a matte top coat? I may have to try it I think it will look great!

Prim and Polished


Oh I just love this color, it should be part of every polish collection, it is a definitely unique purple. I also adore the version of OPI INK that got released with the OPI Suedes. Simply gorgeous and congrats on your hubby's taste and the 3,25$ steal!

Hi Charis!!! I agree it's gorgeous! I need to get my hands on a few Suedes, I don't own any! It was a steal and even if you exceeded the 2 at that price the rest were only $5.95 which for OPI isn't too bad.

Oh dear, another OPI I must acquire. Thanks for the awesome swatches!

Girl! I have a list a mile long from swatches!!! Blogging and following blogs is going to make me BROKE! hahaha

You got amazing pictures of that polish!

Thanks! It took a lot of time to make them less blue and more true to color! :-)Purples hate to photograph without lots of work!

Such a nice color. It amazes me at how much it really does look like Ink from a pen.

I have Ink too and I absolutely love it! It's actually the first OPI polish I bought, I think *nostalgic*. You did a great job photographing this, my pics always turn out blue!

It really does look like ink huh!?!?! I love it!!

Thanks! It was tough getting the purple to show up! I am getting better with the camera.