Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interview with a Polish Blogger: Nicole (MagicMaid)

I thought it would be fun to do a series of interviews with Polish Bloggers so that you all can get to know a little bit more about the ladies behind the polish swatches! If you're interested in being featured please shoot me an email at

I am starting the series off with Nicole, or Niki. I've "known" Niki for a while now, ever since she made videos on YouTube. She's one of the nicest people I have "met" online, and one of the faces who helps make the polish community a welcoming and positive place to hang around. I hit Niki with some fun questions and she was kind enough to send me her answers! So let's meet Nicole shall we...

Answer: Well. I actually have always loved nail polish - but I never got into it to this extent! I started my blog last spring as an alternative to doing YouTube videos about makeup, and it just seemed more interesting to post about my nail polishes. Before I knew it, I was posting solely about nail polish - and I had to have more, more, more!

Answer: I think I started out having maybe 10 or so polishes last spring. After cruising the nail polish blogs, and then of course the steady build up of polish, I have somewhere in the vicinity of 600 nail polishes - last official count was 528. Roughly 9 months!

Answer: I'd have to vote China Glaze as my favorite brand! They have such a variety of colors and finishes.

Answer: 5! Talk about asking a tough question. Well, at least you gave me five, and not one, or three! China Glaze Lubu Heels has always been a huge favorite of mine, so that goes on the list - and I'd also pick a hot red in Misa's Poison Kiss. I have a purple weakness, so I'd have to also have my brand new Nfu Oh # 51, a good blue would be China Glaze Blue Sparrow, and then lastly, a gorgeous gray - China Glaze Recycle. I think I could do a lot with those!

Answer: Although I love my purples, I've really started expanding my pinks and peaches, and loving them! Especially the peaches, they're a fun, juicy shade and make me long for spring.

Answer: I'm all about color. I don't really shy away from shades but definitely certain finishes I'm not fond of, such as frosty and very sheer shades.

Answer: I've always liked blogging - I've had a Live Journal forever, it seems, and before that I had websites. I grew bored with those, and then I found YouTube - I fell out of love with the whole idea of that, though. Long story! I had started a blog, thinking I'd have a place to write about products away from the video world, but I grew more interested in nail polish, and - you will probably relate to this, I think most of us will - the nail polish community is a very friendly, positive place, and I truly LOVE blogging about polish. It's fun to read other folks' blogs, and everyone is so encouraging. I think that is what motivates me the most.

As to the name - well, my "handle" for almost everything has been a form of Magic Maid in some way, for quite a while - I tried to even use that on YT but it wasn't available, so I signed up as "magicxmaid". Anyway, it was just kind of cute together, I've always liked it, so I keep using it.

Answer: I need to experiment more! I just tried to franken my own "mannequin hands" but it came out - well, not so good. I don't really have a color that works for that in my collection, but I thought for sure I could mix one up. Not so much! I've always found it hard to match my skin type anyway. Waste of polish, that was. I need to pick up some clear polish, my next experiment will be some cute jelly polishes.

Answer: Hah! I probably am, that's why I don't go get manicures. But I have to say that when I have had them "done", they shape them pretty much the way I shape them myself - I've never had a single manicurist shape my nails round or oval. About the only thing I picked up was the sugar scrub thing - and I just bought my own sugar scrubs, I use them all the time! Plus, the ones I get smell amazing.

Answer: A crystal file, for sure. I don't know how I ever, ever lived without it. And find yourself a good, cheap brush that you can dip in acetone or remover and do your cleanup with - it's really a lifesaver for us "messy gals".

Answer:Oh boy, with the tough questions, Gina! Haha! I can't pick one, can I pick two? Good. The Stand - the extended version, (Stephen King, if you don't know), and The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. That was fiction, so non fiction? Probably the most haunting book I've read was the story of Alexandra Romanov - Last Empress by Greg King. I picked it up one day while browsing my local library's biography section, and I immediately became obsessed with the last chapter in Romanov history.
I also really LOVE historical fiction. Probably my favorite category of books.

Answer: Cooking! I love to cook. I know, that's just weird, I work in the food industry - but I do love to cook, it's so much fun.

Answer: I wear a lot of Sinful Colors, and have a lot - it's one of my favorite drugstore polishes. I think that also Color Club is a GREAT polish - it gets play from us in the polish world, but outside of that, not a lot of folks have heard of it. Also, it's only available online that I've seen, but Diamond Cosmetics polishes are made of awesome!


You can visit Nicole at and follow her on Twitter as well. Thanks so much for the great interview Niki! It was fun getting to know you!

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That was really cool. Niki is just a lovely person and an asset to our little community. Thank you for doing this!

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I think it's such a good idea to do things like this!

I am glad you girls liked the feature. It's fun to learn what we all have in common beyond polish!!!

If any of you want to do an interview let me know!!!! I had fun doing it!

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So glad you all enjoyed! This is fun!

Thank you so much Gina! You're such a sweetie. And thank you ladies for all of your kind comments :) ♥ You all ROCK.

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I am glad this is a hit!! More to come soon!

I really liked this interview. I really like Nicole anyway! :-)

Great interview :) It is great to learn more about Nicole because she is a wonderful blogger and polisher! I remember back in the day when I used Live Journal too - that was my intro to blogging, lol. and I agree - China Glaze polishes are my favorite formula too! They ROCK!

Thanks for the great questions, Prim & Polished, and thanks Nicole for the awesome answers!

I'm so glad you all enjoyed the interview!

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