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Interview with a Polish Blogger: Paige (Paint Away Girls)

Interview with a Polish Blogger is back!

Meet Paige. She's a newer member of the nail polish blogging community and one of our younger bloggers at just 13 years old! Paige is from the UK and her blog Paint Away Girls is great! She loves Disney World like I do so we have quite a bit in common! It's nice to see younger bloggers out there, so go on over to her blog and show your love!


1. How did you decide to start your blog? What inspired you?

Well, I was just searching Youtube one day and I came across a nail art tutorial so I checked it out and I loved it! Since then I have become addicted to watching the YT beauty gurus. I really wanted to start my own makeup and nail polish channel, I had everything planned out and then I came across blogging instead so I went with that! I love reading other peoples blogs, following people from around the globe and see what other people's favourite polishes are. It's great fun and I hope this is something I do for the rest of my life.

2. If you could only have 5 polishes what would they be?
That's a hard one! Zoya: Midori, China Glaze: Peachy Keen, GOSH: Holographic, Number 7: Vivid Violet and Sinful Colours: This Is It.

3. I hear you're a Disney fan like me! Who's your favorite character? And what's your favorite thing to do at Disney World?
Yep, I'm a huge Disney fan! I love all of the characters but my favourite would have to be Tinkerbell. She's super cute and girly and I love the Tinkerbell movies too! Everything about Disney World is fantastic. The atmosphere, characters, fireworks, attractions, shows, shops, food.. I could go on and on! My favourite park would have to be Magic Kingdom, just because it is the main Disney park and to me, the most magical. My favourite attraction is between Toy Story Mania and Test Track.

You told me you have quite a few of celebrity autographs, what one is your favorite and how did you go about getting them?
Yep, I have several autographs from celebs I admire such as Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, Katy Perry, Robert Pattinson, Ant & Dec, The Saturdays, Pixie Lott and a lot more. I joined an online celebrity address database website (fanmail.biz) and I browsed through the forums, started chatting to some very helpful people and they explained to me how to go about requesting. I had to get the agency addresses of the celebrity, write them a letter and include a picture for them to sign. I sent out over 100 requests at the time, and it was so exciting waiting to see who would respond to my letters. I have gotten some lovely replies like handwritten letters, signed CD's, books and pictures and even a Birthday card that I will keep forever.

5. What's your favorite thing to bake?
Mostly I bake sweet thing like muffins, cookies and cakes. I like making cupcakes with pink icing, blueberry muffins, carrot cake (my favourite!) and chocolate chip cookies. Any recipe with chocolate in, I will bake!

6. Who's your favorite YouTube Beauty Guru?
My favourite has to be the amazing julieg713. I love all of her videos! She's so down to earth, bubbly, friendly, fun and she does great tutorials and tags. I have been watching her videos for so long now and she has stayed so real! I also like juicystar07, panacea81, gemsmaquillage, makeupgeektv, meganheartsmakeup.

7. What's your favorite nail polish brand?
I love so many! Revlon are great, as are China Glaze, OPI, Wet n Wild, Barry M and LA Colours Art Deco.

8. What nail polish colors do you wear the most?
It all depends on what mood I'm in an what the weathers like outside! At the moment, I have been wearing a lot of green polish because it's a great spring colour. My all time favourite colour is pink so I wear that a lot too.

9. What nail polish colours do you avoid wearing?
Probablyred's and black. Red because there are so many different type of red's out there that they get a bit boring and black because it's the only polish colour I make a mess with! I can never make black polish look tidy on my nail and it's very hard to get off.

10. What's your favorite TV show?
Easy, 90210! I love that show so much! I love the way it's set out, the characters, great storyline, gorgeous lifestyles. It's just great! I also love The Hills, The Simple Life, The Bill and Gavin & Stacey. I'm a TV addict!


Thanks for a great interview Paige. I look forward to watching your blog grow! Have fun blogging!!!

Don't forget to visit Paint Away Girls and say hello to Paige.

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