Wednesday, May 12, 2010

L.A. Girl Rock Star: "Double Platinum"

Hello everyone! Sorry today's post is so late but better late than never right?

This is L.A. Girl Rock Star in the color Double Platinum. I have really enjoyed the Rock Star line and this is no exception. I purchased this at a store called Amuse in a local mall for $3.99 but I have seen these polishes at other stores for just $1.99 (obviously after I purchased this LOL). You can get it at Cherry Culture for $2.80.

Double Platinum is a great jelly like silver/gunmetal color with tons of small particle holo glitter. It's got a fantastic oil slick quality to it, in the right light it appears rainbow which is so fun. It's quite difficult to capture in the photos but I tried my best.

The formula is quite sheer so next time I think I will layer this over black or silver.

Prim and Polished


argh- I'm in lovve, why haven't I seen swatches of this one yet? *scratches head and goes off to add it to wishlist ;)*

LOL that's what I am here for! Glad you like it!

This is amazing - I can only imagine what this will look like over a dark grey, silver or black. Looks like it would lean towards holo. You need to try it and post back! Now I am off to find. I think Forever 21 has them!

I will absolutely let you know how it goes layering it. Ohh and let me know if Forever 21 has them! I never go in there it might be time to pay them a visit!!!