Monday, May 3, 2010

My 100th Blog Post Featuring Sinful Colors "Rise and Shine"

Happy Monday readers!!! This is my 100th blog post! (Time flies when you're having fun, eh?) I am so happy that I started this blog. I'd tried blogging before and never really found my voice until Prim and Polished. I am really having so much fun writing this blog so thank you all for following along with me. :-)

I have lots of swatches in the works as always and I also plan to do a post on how I take care of my natural nails. A facebook user suggested that and I haven't forgotten I just have to put some stuff together for that post so look out for that in the next month or two.

Last week Walgreens had Sinful Colors polishes on sale buy one get one 1/2 off, which means they were $3 for two polishes - good deal! So I picked up a few, including this gorgeous shimmery teal "Rise and Shine".

This color is really so pretty but I am not 100% sure I love it on my nails. I am undecided. I think I like it but I don't love it. The finish on this is interesting; it's not a true frost IMO but it's got a really subtle shimmer to it.

The formula on this is not so great. Usually I find Sinful Colors to have a great formula but this was thick and sort of difficult to work with. It cleaned up easily so it's not a big deal but I wouldn't consider this to be as high quality as some of the other Sinful Colors polishes I have tried.


So what do you think of "Rise and Shine"? Do you wear colors like this often?

Prim and Polished


Congrats on 100th post! :D
Oh, it's a lovely colour. I want Sinful polishes...

I bought that polish last week :D
It's a great color!!

Thnks girls! It is a pretty one huh Linnie!!

Biba, maybe when I have some extra $ we can arrange a swap!

Congratulations on your 100 posts! I really enjoy reading your blog!

Thanks Rebecca, it's nice to know!! I remember you've been reading from the beginning, it's super appreciated!

Congrats on 100, its a beautiful color for a beautiful blog!

I took advantage of the sale too. I got 6 polishes and Rise and Shine was one of them. It is a pretty color that I picked for a giveaway. Do you think your bottle was just a dud?

I love this! I'm always on the lookout for awesome SC polishes to put on my wishlist. ;-)

Thank you, Gina!
If you'll ever have extra time and $, I would be very happy to do a swap with you ;)

Thank you Jackie!!

Taki- it totally could be a dud.It was so thick! Maybe it'd been played around with in the store because usually S.C. are perfect.

Cucumpear - glad you like it!!

Biba- we'll try to set something up this summer!