Wednesday, July 21, 2010

China Glaze Fall 2010 Vintage Vixen Collection: Emerald Fitzgerald

Hi everyone! Today I have another Fall 2010 China Glaze color to share with you all. Sorry it takes me so long to get the whole collection up but I like to do one color at at time most of the time.

Emerald Fitzgerald is described as a "turquoise green frost with shimmer" which is exactly accurate. It reminds me a bit of peacock feathers. It leans towards blue so it's a nice blue green color, it's really pretty.

Formula was good like the rest I have tried so far. Frosts are usually streaky but this is not. No streaks, no balding, opaque in two coats. I like it.

I think a lot of people will love this color. Greens are really popular and this one is pretty unique since it leans towards blue. I think it's nice for fall and into the winter. What do you think?

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a wonderful day!

Prim and Polished

Disclosure: This collection was furnished to me by China Glaze for consideration. All reviews published on this blog are at my own discretion. Please refer to my Disclosure Policy.


I think this is a pretty green. Unfortunately I think I own a similar one to it so I'll have to see this one IRL haha.

I love dupes though, saves some cash LOL

That's a pretty color. I've seen this swatched on quite a few blogs, but this is the first time I've seen it and thought I MUST HAVE THAT. Thanks for that. LOL

Hahahhaa Professional enabler right here Megan :-)

To me, this looks like a darker, bluer Watermelon Rind. Pretty!

To me, this looks like a darker, bluer Watermelon Rind. Pretty!

It's pretty! I just have so many greens & blues so I'm not sure if I "need" this :D

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland

Zara - exactly, I think you're spot on!

I know Nea - it's usually hard for me to justify new purples bc I have so many

This looks lovely. I like that you swatch them one at a time, I'm sure it's more fun fore you. I would really dislike have to swatch a whole collection in one sitting - it would kinda take the fun out of it for me. And also we get nice long reviews on each polish :)

Thanks Tilly! I am so glad to hear that! It is def. more fun to do them one at a time. Usually I will wear them as full manis so I actually get to wear it not just swatch it which is great! Def. glad to hear you like the format! :-)