Monday, July 26, 2010

Piggy Paint Review & Coupon Code

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking in with me today! I have an exciting company to share with you that I think mom's will especially like but we can all appreciate.

I recently had the opportunity to try a nail polish from a great company called Piggy Paint. The company was started by a stay at home mom concerned with the toxic chemicals found in our beloved traditional polishes. Tired of being light headed after painting her girls nails she made it her mission to create a kid friendly, odorless, non toxic nail polish and she succeeded!

Piggy Paint polishes contain the following ingredients:

Water, water-miscible acrylic resins and thickeners (well below 100 parts per million), glycol ethers. May contain mica, D&C red lake, ultramarine blue, iron and titanium oxide pigments.

I tried the color Girls Rule which is described on their website as "a bright shimmery purple polish". To me it's a purple-ish pink. It is purple, my camera made it a touch pinker than it is in reality but I'd call it a light purple-ish pink with tons of shimmer. It's not really frosty, I'd call it a duochrome. It's purplish pink with tons of pink duochrome that makes it sparkle in the sun. It's really eye catching. I wore this as a pedi for about 2 weeks and I really loved the finish.

The formula is fantastic. I have to say I didn't know what to expect out of a water based polished aimed at kids but this baby delivered! First thing I noticed was it truly is as close to odorless as a nail polish can be. It does have a mild scent to it, which I cannot quite pinpoint (maybe kids paints or something?) but you have to really hold the brush up to your nose to detect it. I like this about the polish. It's nice when a company makes a claim and really means it. I think that this is a huge plus for you mom's out there worried about the scent of our normal polishes. You can trust that your kids will not get light headed from these polishes, that's for sure. I know many of us have said our hubby's complain about the smell of polishes when we do our nails and with this one they'd never even realize you were busy painting.

The application was simple. I found the polish easy to work with and it glided smoothly over my finger and toe nails. I did my toes first and was really impressed with the ease of application. I HATE doing my toes!! The polish is highly pigmented and took just two coats for maximum opacity - again impressive considering it's a water based product.

The company suggests drying nails with a hair dryer in order to dry faster and create a hard finish. I did not do this. I sort of defeated the whole purpose of non-toxic by putting on a coat of Seche Vite because I simply cannot live without it. I will try their method and report back to you though so that you can get a complete picture of how that would work, especially if you are drawn to the product for your kids, you don't want to use Seche on top if your concern is toxicity.

Like I said, I wore the polish on my toes for about 2 weeks and I wore the polish as a mani for about 5 days. I noticed that the polish lasted quite a long time with minimal tip wear or chipping. One thing I noticed was that it was quite difficult to remove. I am not sure why that would be but I did seem to struggle a bit removal, it took some extra cotton rounds and elbow grease! No big deal though. Their remover did work well with the product though, and it's low odor too!

Now on to the swatches:

Pretty right? I think any young girl would love this polish.

Overall I am impressed with the brand. I like their company philosophy and I think they deliver on all of the promises they make. It's really heartwarming to see companies like this entering the market because we should be concerned with toxicity and the environment. I think if you have kids and they are into polish like we all are then check these polishes out! I can really get behind companies like this and I am grateful to have been able to try their products!

The company was kind enough to offer my readers a coupon code, good until September 7, 2010 for 10% off anything in their store including sale items! Good deal!
Coupon Code: PRIM10L
Piggy Paint retails for $8.99 and is shipped worldwide! Free shipping on orders $35 and over.
You can also keep up with Piggy Paint on twitter for more product information and fun sales. They just tweeted that on Wed. July 28th and Thurs. July 29 they will have FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING and 1/2 shipping to Canada. Plus on those days use the coupon sparkle15l for an additional 15% off your entire order!

I hope you found this review helpful! I really enjoyed this product and think it's a great concept for kids. Let me know what you think in the comments! Have you tried this product? Are you interested in trying it? What colors do you like best? Do you think your daughters would love this product?
Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading!

Prim and Polished

Disclosure: This product was furnished to me by the company for consideration. All reviews published on this blog are at my own discretion. Please refer to my Disclosure Policy. I do not work for the company and I was not paid for this review. I also will not receive any compensation for use of the coupon code, I just wanted to share a good deal with my wonderful readers.


Thanks for letting us know about this company & their products! I see a future present for my young nieces! ;)
Do you know if we can combine the 2 coupons?
Thanks! :)

Hi Michelle! I am glad to share great companies with people. It'd be the perfect gift for your neices!!! I don't think you can combine the coupons, the 10% is good though September but the 15% and free shipping is only good on those two dates. :-) Let me know if you order any and which ones you get. They have adore gift sets on there as well!

Thanks for the info about this brand! It sound really good!

this looks so cute! i really love this company's philosophy and mission :)

Pammy, it's fantastic!

Me too Kellie!!! I cannot wait to spoil all the kiddies I know with some of these!!!