Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finger Paints "Tough Art to Follow

Hello gorgeous! Thanks for reading today! Hope your week started out well and continues on that path. Today I have a gorgeous green from Finger Paints to share with you all.

This is Tough Art to Follow. It's sort of a blackened army green with a high shine creme finish. It's got a jelly-ish quality but opacity is achieved in 2 coats, it just seems squishy.

The formula on this is great. I had no problems with application, no streaking and just slight balding on the first layer - easily corrected with the 2nd layer. Overall good quality for the price.

Fingers Paints can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply for around $4.49 each. Right now they have a Buy 2 Get 1 free sale so you can get 3 colors for around $10. Not bad at all.

Do you like Finger Paints? What are your favorite colors from the line? I'd love to get suggestions from you all on some must have colors. I only own 4 Finger Paints polishes.

Prim and Polished


I think you meant to say you can get 3 colors for around $10?
I have this color but haven't worn it as a mani yet - looking forward to it as it's gorgeous on you.

Indeed! I need to proofread! Thanks for catching that!

Thanks! I love this color I think you'll like it too! It's really so nice to look at!

I have and love this color too! I really like Sketchy Character also, it's a great chocolate brown!

Hi Jen! I will have to check that out! I love chocolate browns!!!!!!!!

I looked at that color just this afternoon!! Sally Beauty is having a buy 2 get 1 free sale on Finger Paints. I picked up Primary Color (red creme), Easel Come, Easel Go (super sparkly silver) and Papier Mache (basic white creme). I have a couple other Finger Paints colors, but my fav is Signed by the Artist - a pretty pink with an almost gold shimmer. SOOO my color. I've had good luck with FP - the formula seems a little on the thin side, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. OK - I'm done babbling. LOL

Hi Megan!!!

Signed By the Artist sounds so pretty, especially for a summer pedi. I need to get to Sally's soon and stock up!

I never tried this brand but this color is really nice!!

You totally should, they're really great polishes!

I'm not big on greens, but this color is really pretty! Might just have to go to Sally's! Thanks for the excuse :P

i have this color too and i LOVE it! sooo pretty <3 and your photos are always so crisp!

Cindy - anytime I can be an enabler I try! LOL

Thanks Kellie!!! My camera is AWFUL when I use the flash so I need sunlight for good pics! :-)

Great green!

So far, my favorite from FP is "Easely Entertained", its gorgeous over any blue creme!

Thanks Jackie! I will check that one out!

I LOVE this. Kind of reminds me of OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow only more green - and I see the jellishness ! I love a creme that's got a bit of jelly to it, my favorite formula by far. I've found a lot of pretty Finger Paints!

My favorite too Nikki! I wish Fingerpaints made more cremes/jelly-cremes, a lot of them are too shimmery for me. I need more though!

I actually don't own any Finger Paints. Thanks for mentioning the sale, though, because now I anticipate three Finger Paints coming into my possession, say, tomorrow?! :)

Nice Zara! Let me know what you pick out!