Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Milani "Hi Res"

Hi everyone! Hope you're all enjoying your week. Today is my kitten Deuce's first birthday! Time flies! We got him when he was just three months old, now he's a year! I love that guy! :-) Happy First Birthday Deucey! :-)

Today I have a gorgeous holo polish to share with you from Milani. I have been eying this color every time I go into CVS and I finally broke down and bought it one day. Of course there was no sale going on when I decided I NEEDED it but what can you do right?!?!

Hi Res is a gorgeous lilac holo polish. It's just so darn beautiful in any lighting. I took some indoor pics to try and capture what it looks like inside, holos are very difficult to capture. This one is just so pretty, it has that oil slick look to it in the right lighting. I can't help but stare at my nails whenever I wear good holo polish.

The formula on this one was on the thin side and did require 3 coats for opacity and to correct any balding that occurred. Other than that it wasn't difficult to work with. I love that this LOOKS like a glitter polish but it is in fact perfectly smooth. I think that is so trippy.

I love this polish! I cannot wait to try their other holos. It's such beautiful formula to look at. What are some of your favorite holos (from any brand)?

Prim and Polished


is there a story behind the name Deuce?

Actually yes! We have another cat named Shooter (well his name is Picachu bc my hubby's little bro named him but he's become Shooter over the years, he's 11) and he is a white cat as well. When we got Deuce we struggled naming him then we came up with that so he's like "Shooter II or the 2nd" so Deuce like 2 LOL if that makes sense.

That is so pretty!! I may decide I NEED it too, haha. :) Happy birthday, Deuce!

LOL ohhh you NEED it Zara! LOL ;-) Deuce says thanks! hhaha

I have that one, but I wasn't impressed with the amount of holo (or the lack of it). I also have HiTech - the yellowgreen one - the holo on that is a little better. I also have a ChG holo (BFF) that was gifted to me - that holo is gorgeous!! I'm so lemming Nfu Oh #65.

Megan - I felt the same way about the lack of holo in Color Club's Revvvolution. I was sad. I just got the green Milani the other day in the mail I can't wait to try it. The Nfu Oh's look AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG

Aaaawwwwww, the cat is so cute! <3
Well, my most favourite holos are most certainly Nfu-OHs! I like every colour they offer and I've never seen such an intence rainbow at other brands... Though, I must admit that this Milani looks rather tempting! ;)

I think I might have to cave and get some nfu-ohs!!!

awesome awesome polish! i gifted mine but i still love gazing at it on others finghas :) i LA LA LOVE your kitteh pikcha!

I love this polish :) It's not an in-your-face holo but it's still quite noticeable to me, and the light purple is just a gorgeous color. I also have Cyberspace which is a nice pale blue but it's not as holo as Hi Res.

Also, happy birthday kitteh!

Thanks Meeka! I just got Cyberspace this week as well! I can't wait to use it. I love blue polishes!

Very pretty color! Who doesn't love holos?!

Happy B-day to your furry sweetheart!

Love this nail polish :)

I have this polish and love it too! One of my fave's which unfortunately I don't own is Color Club's Wild At Heart--it's absolutely gorgeous!!

I have been eying Wild at Heart for a while as well! It's so pretty! I need to get my hands on it.

I love Hi-Res, it's one of my favorite holos! I love the older OPI holos (Like Sand-erella), Color Club ones (especially Wild At Heart), and of course the China Glaze OMGs (DV8 is my favorite of those!) You did a great job capturing the sparkly goodness of this color :) and Deuce is such a cutie!

Thanks Jana! I need to try and find some of the China Glaze ones!!! :-)