Monday, January 10, 2011

Orly: Lunar Eclipse (Cosmix FX Collection)

So this weekend I wore Orly's Lunar Eclipse which I won from Jessica v. Polish's giveaway! (Thanks Jessica for the amazing package!) Lunar Eclipse is part of the Cosmix FX collection . This is a gorgeous blue/purple color with that amazing Cosmix FX finish. This collection was a huge hit in the nail polish community but this is only one of three colors I have from the collection. I am happy to have it though.

This color is cool because in the bottle and in certain lighting it looks royal purple but then in different lighting it looks royal blue. Sometimes it looks half royal purple and half royal blue, it's really fun.

The formula is okay but I had some application issues. I simply made a mess. I had tons of cleaning up to do with this one for some reason. I have no idea why it just worked out that way.  I also find polishes from this collection to be quite sheer. I needed three coats for the opacity shown here. Not a huge issue but something to note. 

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So what do you think? Like it or leave it? I think it's pretty great and I love the sort of color changing affect.  I think Orly should not have put a $10 price tag on these though, that's pretty steep IMO. 

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