Friday, January 21, 2011

Zoya: Raven

Last year Zoya had a promotion where you got three polishes for free with your order.  Raven was one of them. I finally got around to trying it out so I wanted to share my review with you all. 

Zoya describes this color as: "Intense satiny black balanced by very subtle silver shimmer." The silver shimmer in this is extremely understated but I don't think it should be overlooked. It almost makes the polish appear to be satin finished or almost like a dulled patent leather if that makes any sense. I think it's the subtle silver shimmers that makes it appear that way. It's really pretty and I think black is always chic, especially on short nails. I love that look!

I found the formula to be nice to work with. I had virtually no clean up which is unusual for me with darker shades.  Zoya is slowly inching up to the top of my favorites. I love everything I have tried so far. 

As always, click on images to enlarge.

So what do you think? Just a typical black or is there more to this one? Have you purchased this one? Do you like it?
Prim and Polished