Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Zoya: Carmen and Nidhi

Hi everyone! Since Zoya's 3 Free Facebook promotion is running for the rest of the week I thought I would show you two of the Zoya reds I have photographed.  See Zoya's facebook page for more info on this offer. The three freebies I picked are Shawn, Adina and Zara. 

 Zoya's Carmen seems to be touted as their classic red color. It's  basically just that, a classic red creme. To my eye it's actually in between yellow and blue based which is interesting and I imagine that would mean it is universally flattering.  When I think of "classic" or "pinup" red I personally picture a more blue based red but that's really just me. I like this color a lot, it's hard to go wrong with red for me, it's just not my all time favorite holy grail red.

Formula wise I found it to be easy to work with. I had no streaking or balding and it was opaque in 2 coats. I have been hearing that some people have issues with Zoya polishes reacting with other brands base and top coats but I did not have that issue at all using Seche Clear and Seche Vite. But be warned sometimes there might be an interaction, I just have not experienced it myself.

Next I have the color Nidhi to share with you. I went to law school with a girl named Nidhi and always loved that name! This is a yellow toned red color with gold micro glitter throughout.   I found this insanely difficult to photograph and I am sorry for the sun's glare in the photos. The sun just grabbed it and reflected like crazy.

The gold glitter is a fun touch however it is a lot more noticeable in the bottle than it is on the nail. You can see it the photos it looks packed with gold but it's really more subtle than that once applied. It's still there but not in abundance.

Formula, again fine. Nothing to complain about. Zoya seems to perform consistently well for me so far.  I like it.

So what do you think? Either of these in your collection? Do you plan on picking them up or skipping them? 
Prim and Polished