Monday, April 12, 2010

Essie "Neo Whimsical"

Essie's "Neo Whimsical" is part of the Art of Spring Collection and it's a really pretty lilac/pink creme. It's not quite pink and it's not quite purple; Essie calls it a "rose plum" and I suppose that's right. When I think of "plum" I think deep dark and rich but I guess "rose plum" would be more muted like this.

I think this color is great for spring. It's muted and conservative but it's somewhat edgy at the same time. It has that cool dusty quality to it that makes it a bit more of a statement color than a plain pink would be. I think it's perfect for everyday wear and non-offensive in a conservative environment. So you can wear this to the office and feel comfortable but not boring. I like that.

I found this one easy to work with, I liked the formula a lot it was a great consistency. I had no streaking, no balding - no real issues with application at all. This is just two coats which shocked me because I was expecting to have some VNL but two coats was the perfect opacity for me. Winner!!!!

I took quite a few photos but I wanted to share them all so you can see how it's purple but pink at the same time.

So, do you like it? I do! I think this is a fantastic color from the collection. I didn't think this one was going to be for me and I was pleasantly surprised by it's beauty. This is sure to make an appearance in my life on a regular basis.

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