Monday, March 29, 2010

China Glaze: "Happy Go Lucky"

China Glaze's "Happy Go Lucky" came out with the Up & Away collection. I love this whole collection for the most part because I really love cremes and each Up & Away color is a creme. "Happy Go Lucky" is the warmer of the two yellows in the collection and boy is it bold!!! It totally reminds me of a taxi cab. If I was better at Konad (ugh, still mad about that waste of money) I'd have tried to do a black checkerboard design on this or something. So I will call it a taxi cab yellow, though it some lighting it absolutely leaned mustard like good ol' French's yellow mustard.

Yellows are notorious for streak-age but this one was not too bad. Something about yellow pigment is just not fun to work with however I think China Glaze did a great job with the formula on this. It's highly pigmented and perfectly opaque in two coats and as you can see the finish is smooth and streak free.

Upon removal I am happy to report there was no staining. I don't know why yellows and greens make me worry about staining when it reality I only ever experience slight staining with reds. This removed well.

Overall a nice polish. I love China Glaze and this is a great polish. I am not sure this is a color I will be rocking much but it's nice to have in my collection. It's sort of ugly but not ugly, you know what I mean? It has a place in the collection but it won't be worn often. What do you think of "Happy Go Lucky"? Are you brave enough to rock this yellow!?

Prim and Polished


what a fun sunny color! =D

It very much reminds me of summer. :] I hate wearing yellows myself, but they look cute on other people sometimes. I own a couple yellows, because I share your feelings. I'll wear it once or twice, but it's just kind of nice to have it.

I agree. Some people can totally pull off the crazy colors but I just never feel like I can! Yellow is a bit crazy for me. My husband was like "WHAT is that!!?!?!!?"

I love that colour! I want one this bright.

It looks great on you, but I never liked yellows like this on myself. I could probably do a pastel yellow, though.

Rebecca it's deff a bright one!!!!

Thanks Stephanie, I like pastel yellow better myself. I like the one from Up & Away "Lemon Fizz"

I think it looks great on you and I usually think yellows are but ugly so it's a huge compliment!
You really should wear it again!

Thanks Kristen! :-) I might have to rock in when summer hits!

I won this whole collection from China Glaze on Twitter and I didn't know what I'd think about this one. It's great. Such a fun colour, like a happy face. I think it'll look great on my nails in the summer.

Nice twitter score Alisa that is awesome!!!!!!! And you're right it's exactly like a happy face!!!

i love the color! it's so bold and bright and something that shouts: LOOK AT ME! hehehe. I wish i had to courage to wear yellow like that. once i tried Nicole by OPI in Yellow It's Me and my husband laughed and said it looked like my nails had jaundice! lol! idk maybe it's just my skin tone. any tips on how to make a bold color look great on your hands? thanks

Glad you like it kganir !!! My hubby was confused with this color too so I promise it still looked a little freakish on me. I think it's hard to pull off these colors. I think you need to figure out if warm or cool tones work best for you. I am still working on that myself so I am no expert LOL

A very bright color! Very nice but it would be too much for me (even if I was thinking about buying a yellow...just in case I feel like wearing it, one day ;-))

Smatley thanks! Maybe you could use a nice pastel yellow!