Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sinful Colors "Let's Talk": A Steal at Just $1.99

Sinful Colors "Let's Talk" is another frustrating purple that demands to be photographed blue. Purples are a NIGHTMARE to photograph properly. I'd say most of my photos here lean a bit more blue than the color is in reality. I think the most accurate photo of this color is the photo to the left, the bottom of the bottle. Picture the other photos a touch more purple and you'll be golden.

I believe "Let's Talk" would be classified as a pearl/satin finish. (See this wonderfully helpful article at The Edge of Sanity on defining finishes). It has no noticeable shimmer particles but has a pearl like sheen to it. Now you know me, I love cremes, I tend to steer clear of shimmery and pearly polishes but this one is really pretty and I just LOVE purple so I snatched it up. For $1.99 you really cannot really go wrong.

This polish took just two coats for the results below. It was opaque and smooth. I loathe pearl-like polishes because I often times find them unbearably streaky and annoying to apply. Not so with "Let's Talk". It applied like a dream and finished with no streaking whatsoever.

I have found that I really enjoy these drug store cheapies. Sinful Colors is a fantastic bargain for just $1.99.

FYI: ALL NAIL POLISH, including Sinful Colors of course, is Buy One Get One 1/2 Off at Rite Aid this week. I went in and, GASP, I didn't get anything, but I will probably venture back and pick something up later in the week. But that means you can get two of these babies for about $3. You simply cannot go wrong.

Prim and Polished


Oh, you redesigned your blog! Nice!
This is such a pretty color, I just love it. Looks great on you! I think you did pretty good getting the color to represent, considering it is a purple. Haha. I hate hate hate photographing them. It's just frustrating!

I agree gildedangel!

Hi Nikki - I did it this morning, thanks!I know, purples are so insane to photograph. They always cool way down it's so annoying!!!

I hate photographing them too (Purple Grape made me go crazy!), this one is quite nice and wow at $ 1,99 would be a pity not to buy it!!

Looove this purple and your new design! :)))

Thanks for reading girls. We need to figure out the trick to photographing purples.