Monday, March 15, 2010

China Glaze: Sci-Fi

China Glaze's "Sci-Fi" is part of the Khrome Collection and it's a fantastic metallic silver color. It has an almost aluminum foil quality to it in that it is incredibly shiny. I don't normally go for colors like this because I tend to favor creme formulas but this one actually worked out very nicely on my nails.

I think you should absolutely use a ridge filling base coat like Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler when wearing metallics because the texture of these polishes tend to emphasize any imperfections in the nail bed and will only drive you mad if you're a manicure perfectionist. A good ridge filling base will help a metallic polish go on more smoothly and the end result will be much more pleasing to the eye.

This polish applied nicely (over my ridge filler) and I used just two coats. It was opaque in just one coat but I like to use two to fix up any sloppy application. The consistency of this polish is thin but pigmented. It's almost like molten metal. It was a rather easy to work with polish and I have a love for China Glaze's brushes so that helped.

Metallic polishes also work well with Konad stamping. Now me and Konad do not get along so I tend not to even bother trying (what a waste of $ that was on my part) but many people tend to have success with Khrome polishes and Konad.

A Quick Comparison

The only other silver I have in my collection is Orly's "Silver Mine". I could have sworn I had a Pure Ice Silver color from years ago but I must have thrown it away. Oh well. I thought I'd show you some side by side pics of the two colors. They're very similar and pretty much the same consistency, with the Orly being maybe just a tiny but thinner. The China Glaze is slightly, very slightly darker.

So what do you think of "Sci-Fi"? Do you have any polishes from the Khrome collection? I have this one and "2030" which is gold. Are you a fan of metallics?!

Prim and Polished

Disclosure: "Sci-Fi" was furnished to me by China Glaze for consideration. All reviews published on this blog are at my own discretion. Please refer to my Disclosure Policy.


I want entire ChG Khrome collection for konading. Altough I'm no good at it either :D

It's a frustrating system. I tried to use my "2030" for a Saints Konad around super bowl time and I failed miserably. LOL

OMG I LOVES IT! I am a sucker for silvers and such.. uhh its nice :D

i love it, however i know i'm not the bold to wear

Loving Sci Fi! I havw a total thing for China Glaze metallics :)

Holy bright and shiny, Batman!

I really don't like metallics in general, but this does look like a lot of fun. Reminds me of the tinfoil hats in Signs. :)

Also, do you personally suggest the Beauty Secrets ridge filler? I picked up a bottle of the Nail Life ridge filler, but I can't get the (insert certain cursing) bottle open for the life of me!

Whoever paints bottles shut should be severely penalized! Or... or at least... scolded. Harshly. :<

Would you get Beauty Secrets over Nail Life? So I know what to get when I return. :)

Maria isn't it gorg?!?!?!

Sarah I am slowly but surely going to get you addicted to polish! :-)

Brooke I am starting to really love the metallics too! I love China Glaze!

Erin, def return that! I hate when people do things like that! I do enjoy the Beauty Secrets one very much. I find it to be a good base coat and polishes seem to wear well with it. I have actually not tried the Nail Life one though I generally really like their products. I think the Nail Life Gripper is a fantastic basic bottom coat, in fact I'd say it's my favorite. I only have the Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler and a Seche ridge filler. I am not a huge fan of the Seche one, though I love Seche Vite. I find the Seche Ridge filler isn't really a great bottom coat, I get quick chippage. I get more wear with the Beauty Secrets. I say try the Nail Life though, I love their HUGE bottles and generally have been very happy with their stuff. Hope this helps!

Beautiful polish! I own 2030, millenium and metallic muse. Need lots of backups for metallic muse, it's amazing!

It helps tons! Thanks!

I ended up buying Gripper and Speed Demon after reading posts you did about them, and the larger bottle size really does make a difference!

Thanks for reading polishsis I will have to check out metallic muse!!!

Erin, I am so glad you liked them too and that my reviews made a difference! I think for the price the size is amazing! I will have to check out the filler just for the heck of it! Let me know which you get when you go back!