Monday, March 22, 2010

Color Club: Pucci-licious

Color Club's "Pucci-licious" is part of the PopTastic collection which is a great collection of bright shades. I imagine that the name is a nod to the fashion designer Emilio Pucci, who is known for bright in your face sort of designs but I am not 100% sure that that was the intention.

Pucci-licious is a gorgeous blue toned lilac type purple. Now we know that purples are notoriously difficult to photograph (they always want to be blue!) but I did my best and the photos I have selected appear to be accurate. I also photographed several other purple cremes next to it so that you can see that, at least in my collection, there's no real dupe:

I find these types of photos difficult to take and I always get a bit of a shadow but I think you get the idea of the different tones or I wouldn't post it. As a side note can you tell how much I adore China Glaze's "Spontaneous"? It is one of the most used in my collection. As you can hopefully tell from the photo "Pucci-licious" is a unique purple. I thought it was going to be similar to Orly's "Cashmere Cardigan" but it is different, which makes me happy!! I LOVE purple cremes.

The formula on this is quite thick and richly pigmented. If I'd applied more carefully I could have been opaque in 1 coat, these photos are 2. I found it easy to work with. The color is, like the collection indicates, BRIGHT but it's not quite neon. Neons usually dry quite matte, this did not. It was not high gloss but not matte, which I am happy about. I always use a top coat so it doesn't really matter but I am not a huge fan of polishes that dry matte when they're not "mattes" you know?

I haven't really been able to find a great selection of Color Club polishes locally but they're readily available on sites like Trans Design. I have only seen them at one Beauty Supply/Salon store in a local mall and they had a price tag there of $3.95 (for reference this place sold OPI for $6.95 and Essie for $5.95). On Trans Design they are are currently just $2.49 each (regular $3.20) so quite the steal!!

Overall I am really happy with this polish. I am such a sucker for purple cremes and this one performed nicely and will probably make it into my steady rotation of polishes. Have you tried any Color Club polishes? Any from the PopTastic collection!? What are your favorite Color Club polishes that I MUST have?

Prim and Polished

Disclosure: "Pucci-licious" was furnished to me by Color Club(Forsythe Cosmetic Group) for consideration. All reviews published on this blog are at my own discretion. Please refer to my Disclosure Policy.


Wow,it really is an interesting color. Perfect for Spring however. And they name...well enough said, lol!

Isn't it gorgeous! Def.unique and I agree, great for Spring!!! Just when I think I have all the purples I need another new and amazing one presents itself LOL

Hi Gina! That color is gorgeous on you! I picked it up too and have yet to try it! Have you tried Edie?! I think that is one of my favorites from the poptastic collection. =D

Hi Anstah! I have Edie but I haven't tried it yet, it sure is bright and beautiful! i will have to try it ASAP and post my thoughts!

You're not the only one into purple cremes ;-) I still have to try Color Club polishes (a bunch of them are on the way), hope they will be good...unfortunatly this Pucci-licious is not one of them (but next time I'll order it...)

I think you'll be totally impressed with Color Club!

Writing "I am waiting a parcel" on your blog brings me luck: my Color Club arrived this morning ;-) (last time it happened the same day I wrote). Your blog is so tempting, with all these beauties (Pucci-licious, Atlantis...)!

Yay!!! I am glad you got your package!! LOL and yes, the more blogs I read the more I feel I NEED! LOL :-)