Wednesday, March 24, 2010

China Glaze: "Atlantis" and Glitter Removal.

China Glaze's "Atlantis" is a stunning turquoise jelly with amazing holographic rainbow glitter particles. This color is part of the specialty glitters and cremes collection. I am not sure if these are permanent or will be limited edition but currently it is still for sale on Trans Design. I almost skipped this one but I am so glad I didn't because it's really as beautiful as everyone says!

The formula is easy to work with. The base is a squishy turquoise jelly that applies well. I used three coats for opacity and I think it was enough. I used two coats of Seche Vite Top coat in order to smooth out the chunky glitter. Without the top coat this will be a pretty rough texture.

When the light hits the glitter in this polish it's one of the most gorgeous things. The glitter flashes all of the colors of the rainbow. It was difficult to capture that in photos but I took some out of focus ones to show it:

I find glitters to chip significantly faster than most other polish formulas but this one did not. I wore it for almost 5 days (that's how pretty it is) and had minor tip wear but no significant chunks were missing.

I am very impressed with this polish and glad I thought twice before passing it up. I think it's one of the best glitter polishes in my collection.

Glitter removal can be a pain but I was able to remove this without breaking a sweat using the foil method I have seen on other polish bloggers blogs. Just soak a cotton round in polish remover, place a round on each nail and wrap the nail and cotton with foil. Let stand for about 3-4 minutes. Apply slight pressure on the nail when removing the cotton and foil and you should have a fairly clean nail when finished. Much better than using 1/2 bottle of remover and a bag of cotton rounds.

I love this method! Whoever thought of it, thank you!!! There's very minimal cleanup required after it, just a teeny bit of stray polish. Try it next time you rock the glitter. Don't let glitter removal keep you from wearing your favorite glitter polishes.

What do you think of Atlantis? Did you pick it up? Have you tried the foil removal method? Let me know, I love to hear from you all!!!

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seriously.. I need this polish so badly. It's gorgeous on EVERYONE who posts a swatch. I tried looking for it at the beauty stores but no luck. I need to wait till my online buy list is more than just one polish before I place an order. lol. =]

I agree with you, Gina, this one is stunning. It is still on my wish list :)

Glad you girls like it. I waiting so long to get it but couldn't take it anymore, I had to have it!!! I got it a while ago at Sally's but they were getting rid of the small amount of glitters they still had on sale so that's prob why you haven't been able to find it!!! Fingers crossed you find it soon or it's another reason to plot a big order LOL/

oh wow great idea for removing hard to get off polishes love it!

I havent even worn this yet. I may pull it out this week sometime. It's really pretty!

Thanks Sarah! I forget where I read about it first but it works so well! Love it!!!

L, I did the same thing, sort of stashed it away and then finally said I need to wear this NOW!

i've loved atlantis since i first saw it!

yes, i've used foil before for glitter removal, and it's a lifesaver considering my obsession with glitter and dark nail polishes! :)

Ohhh Emma I will have to try the method with dark colors, good idea!

I've been using the foil method quite a few times by now and it's amazing. However after removing a green manicure that way my nails were stained horribly. That is far from enough data to blame the removal method, though.
Another issue I had was that when I tried using an acetone-free polish remover it felt so strange and uncomfortable after it had been on for a couple of minutes that I had to get rid of it. You'd expect there to be more problems with acetone-laden remover.
Anyway, the foil method does work very well and I definitely need to wear Atlantis again soon.

I hate when polish stains!!! You know, I should have mentioned it but for my other hand I ran out of acetone and the non-acetone WAS uncomfortable. Isn't that bizarre? I had the same feeling about it. It was like warm or something. Polish came off but I couldn't stand the feeling on those nails. So strange!

I use this same method when removing ALL my glitters, and it rocks! I cut the pads in half to save and you really don't need a whole pad to do the trick..the trick in the foil :) Great post!!!

Great idea Jackie! I will try that next time!