Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I hope everyone gets some Irish luck today. Please drive safe and be responsible if you're the type who uses today as an excuse to drink. I don't drink and I forgot to thaw out my corned beef to make corned beef and cabbage so we'll be having that tomorrow.

I thought I'd do some festive nails but it's nothing really fancy at all. I painted an Irish Flag on one nail, which wasn't too tough. I think it looks pretty cute.

I used China Glaze "Tree Hugger" on all of my nails except for the one with the flag. "Tree Hugger" is a lime shimmery shade that I normally wouldn't wear but it's great for today!

For the flag I painted my entire nail with Orly "White Tips" and then free handed the two colors for the flag using Orly "Wandering Vine" and Sally Hansen "Sun Kissed". Here are the colors:

And here's the final result, what do you think?

So have a wonderful and safe St. Pat's and please remember if you're going to drink be responsible and have a designated driver it's never worth it to drive drunk, never.

Did you do fun festive nails? If so and you featured them on your blog leave a link in the comments, I'd love to see them!

As always thanks for reading!

Prim and Polished


That's very cute, love the Irish flag on it!

Tree hugger is a lil bit brighter IRL, right?
Here is my St. Patrick's mani - color changing with hidden clovers:

I love that!! It's so cool with the mood polish! I NEED those!!!!! Very nice mani! I think Tree Hugger is actually pretty much what you see in the pic. It's bright but sort of a dull bright if that makes sense, the shimmer tones it down a bit and has it a few steps away from neon. Hope that helps!

Oh my gosh, cute!! I don't drink, either ;) I tried to imply that in my blog post as well, without actually saying it. My nails aren't really "festive," just green. Yours are waaaaaay adorable.

Thanks Stephanie!!! I am a say what's on my mind kinda gal LOL it gets me in trouble sometimes. I just don't want people to act stupid for the sake of acting stupid simply bc it's St. Pat's. :-) I love the green you picked, it's one of my favorite types of green!

Tree Hugger looks great on you! I love that one :)

Thanks Brooke! It reminds me of slime LOL

Perfect for St. Patty's day!!