Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Upcoming Collections: China Glaze "Poolside": Summer 2010. Swatches Part 1: "Pool Party" and "Flip Flop Fantasy"

I have a few swatches of the Poolside collection to share with you today. I first have to say that these SUPER bright neons are incredibly difficult to photograph but I did my best. I will also do my best to explain what I believe is the true and accurate color of the polishes compared to the photos. It's raining here so the photos are also lacking because of that but again I did my best.

The China Glaze Poolside Collection consists of 6 neon colors:
• Pool Party: Neon Pink
• Flip Flop Fantasy: Neon Coral
• Sun Worshipper: Neon Orange
• Yellow Polka Dot Bikini: Neon Yellow
• Kiwi Cool-Ada: Neon Green
• Towel Boy Toy: Neon Blue

Today I am sharing two of them with you and hopefully by weeks end I will have the rest of the collection swatched and posted. After swatching these two in the rain I think I am going to try and hold out for the other four until I get some sun here because the photos are seriously distorted because of the weather. I hope they help nonetheless.

The first color I have to share with you is "Pool Party" which is a neon pink color. The pink in this is on the darker side, close to a fuchsia but without the purple tones fuchsias usually have.

The formula on this was thin and I needed three coats to achieve opacity. It was pretty easy to apply if I waited between coats for each coat to dry, if I was too hasty and the coat before was still wet I got a bit of balding/streaking. I don't see any VNL so that's great but, as many bloggers have mentioned, to minimize VNL with neons you can apply a white creme color under the neon shade. I did not do that for these photos. The polish, like most neons, dried matte; I added a topcoat to get it looking shiny.

The color is certainly more vibrant in person but I tried my best to capture the right tone. It's a bit of a darker pink, not a light pink as I mentioned above. It has a slight berry tone to it. A touch darker than the photos.

"Flip Flop Fantasy" is one of my favorites of the collection. It's a fantastic coral neon. I love corals and this is a unique color in my collection because of the neon quality.

This one was a bit tougher to apply. It was a little thicker in consistency than "Pool Party" and I got a little more streakage but nothing I couldn't handle. It was not a nightmare.

This one like the other was difficult to photograph. It's appearing much more orange than it actually is. It is not orange it's coral. Coral is orange-y but not orange.

Again, I am sorry for the quality of the photos. If I find the others to photograph better with some sun I will re-photograph these. I am sure the rain had something to do with the difficulty photographing but I think that neons on the whole are hard to photograph in any lighting so I am not sure sunshine will make that big of a difference.

The "Poolside Collection" launches on April 1, 2010. Stay tuned this week for swatches of the rest of the collection.

Prim and Polished

Disclosure: This collection was furnished to me by China Glaze for consideration. All reviews published on this blog are at my own discretion. Please refer to my Disclosure Policy.


These are such fun colors! They look super pigmented and are total summery colors! I think your swatches were great!

Thanks Annie! I am not thrilled with my photos but it's alright! These are fun colors.

i really need all the colors !!!

Flipflop fantasy is the one that stands out for me from the swatches I've seen so far!

Lily let me know if you get any!

Rebecca - that's the standout for me too. I am really pale right now but when I am tan i will prob get a ton of wear out of it

China Glaze has been having some great collections lately. These definitely scream summer to me! Can't wait to see the rest.

I agree Maria, CG is really bringing it!!!!! I love their polish.

These are 2 of my favorite colours from this collection. I can't wait to pick some of these up!