Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nail Junkie is having an AWESOME Giveaway

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week. Sorry there's no blogger interview this week, I have run out of volunteers. So if you're interested in being interviewed please contact me at primandpolished@gmail.com.

I am currently working on a new blog venture with my friend Sarah of Daydream Ink. Don't worry, this blog is still my priority, I have time to do both! Sarah and I are two very sad ladies in the kitchen and we're going to document our successes and failures in as we attempt to cook for all the internet to read. When we get it up and running I will provide a link for those of you interested in that but don't worry you don't HAVE to follow along if you're not interested but it would be fun to have you there!

Anyway, I just wanted to quickly tell you about a giveaway that I saw that looks pretty awesome:

Lyra of NailJunkie.com is having a wonderful giveaway featuring this massive pile of goodies!! Head on over to her site and make sure you enter this giveaway because it's amazing!!!

Prim and Polished