Friday, March 12, 2010

China Glaze "Something Sweet" from the Up & Away Collection

China Glaze's "Something Sweet" is what I have wished and hoped all pastel pinks would be. For years I have been drawn to pastel/baby pink colors only to be disappointed in the fact that I could never get them to be opaque! This one delivers in just two coats, TWO coats!!!

This polish is gorgeous. It applies quite easily for a pastel, it was not too thick like some pastels tend to be. It's pastel pink with maybe the slightest hint of lavender to it. This is honestly one of the best polishes I own. China Glaze really hit the nail on the head with this collection.

I love this color. I think it's fashionable but not fashion forward so you can totally wear it to work.

What do you think of "Something Sweet"? Do you have it? Do you want to get it? Do you think it's a nice color?

Prim and Polished


I had and loved the color but hated it on me :( I like it on you a lot though, so pretty!

Actually, one of my favorite polishes EVAR is Essie Fiji and it's a chalky pastel pink with terrible application. Maybe I should invest in this China Glaze in search of something with a less crappy formula...thanks for sharing!

awww Loverlada that's how I feel about Peachy Keen. Sometimes colors just don't work for us :(

Stephanie,absolutely check this one out the application was excellent. I have been searching for this result for years and finally found it!! :-)

I soo want this color, the more i see it.

Thanks for reading girl. Jackie, it's worth it for sure!!

I have it (me happy)! It's the last one from Up&Away haul I have to try, today I finally put on Peachy Keen and I have to say it looks like a crazy fluo on my hands :-(