Thursday, November 11, 2010

SpaRitual: Shrewd

Good morning everyone! I hope all is well where ever you are. Today I have a polish from SpaRitual to share with you. This is Shrewd which is found in the "Earthy Low Notes" section of their website.  SpaRitual describes the polishes in that section as "deep browns and maroons" and I can see why this would be in that section. This is a cross between brown and purple. You'll see in the photos that the bottle looks brown but the polish on the nail looks much more purple to my eye.  Also in the bottle you can see a ton of silver shimmer sort of suspended in the middle. Shaking, rolling and shaking again did not disburse that suspended shimmer. I do not think it's presence altered the color of the polish though so it doesn't matter.
The formula on this was nice. I dried SUPER quickly which can be an issue if you're not a speedy polisher.  If you don't work fast the drying can really cause streaking and balding.  I didn't find it impossible to work around but you should be aware of that when applying because it could be an issue.  This is described as a shimmer and to me it's more of a frost. I know there's not much difference between frosts and shimmers but I think the difference should be noted.  I think it's easy to get brush strokes in this if you're not careful. So be careful!

Overall I think it's a good product if you watch out for the drying and brush strokes. I think the color is right on trend for fall and it reminds me of China Glaze Bogie from the Vintage Vixen Collection. They could be twins

What are your favorite SpaRitual polishes?

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