Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ten (More) Things that Make me Happy! TAG!

I was tagged by the lovely Polish'd Cindy  a while back for the Happy 101 tag. Thanks girl! I did this tag a while back so please see those answers if you'd like to know even more about me. That original one was just ten random facts so yay for different answers.  Please see the link below to the top 10 things that make me happy! If someone else tagged me with this same tag please accept my apologies I have a hard time keeping track. Let me know in the comments and I will give you a shout out! 

So, rules of the tag are as follows:

1. Copy the award image into a post

2. Then list 10 things that make you happy
3. Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day
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Want to know the TOP TEN things that make me happy? Check out this tag post a while back. I would consider those the top then things that make me happy, becuse  mean comeone how can the list be complete without my husband, cats and Disney World!? This tag will be ten more things that make me happy.

Ten (more) Things that Make Me Happy:

1. The perfect bubble bath. I can sit in a great bubble bath for hours reading a good book. Waste of hot water? Sure, but relaxing and rejuvenating yes!

2. My new nephew/godson. My brother in law and his wife just had their first child in June.  My husband and I are lucky enough to be his Godparents and he's just the sweetest baby. He's totally made me like kids, lol and if you knew me you'd know that's a big deal. When he smiles it puts a huge smile on my face and I can't wait to watch him grow up, even though it makes me feel old!  Photo: My nephew PJ and his daddy on Halloween. He was dressed as one of the three little pigs, the other two were their dogs in piggie costumes. His dad had a big bad wolf mask!

3. Candle tarts! I love a good scent.  Scents can set the mood. You can be energized, relaxed or reminded of the perfect Christmas. Scent memory is so strong.  I love tarts from Cross Creek Country Candles.  I have been ordering from Deana at Cross Creek for years and I feel like I know her so well even though we have never met. I love the Funnel Cake scent and I even created two custom scents which made it to her permanent line: Pink Sugar Rush (Pink Sugar and Funnel Cake blend) and Private Cabana (Blood Orange and Coconut Milk blend). Getting a box of tarts from Deana makes me happy. I have an order in right now for some holiday scents and I cannot wait until it lands on my doorstep. 

4. The library! Hello, FREE BOOKS. I mean really, can you beat that? I really hope e-books don't take over because there's nothing like a good physical book. I love my local library it saves so much money!

5. Hiking. I love hiking with my husband. We sometimes go with friends or family and it's a blast. I twisted my ankle pretty badly in August and we didn't get to go as much as we usually do in the summer but the weather is cooling down and my ankle is about 90% better so maybe we can fit a few good hikes in here or there. We just enjoy being outside and chat about life. I  love it. 

6. A clean house. I don't like to actually clean the house but I sure love when my house is clean!

7. Getting compliments on my nails. You all know I spend a ton of time on my nails so it's nice when people who don't know that notice my efforts.  I love getting a random compliment on my nails, weather it be from the cashier at the grocery store, some random person at Starbucks or a friend. It gives me a little smile to know I am not just doing this for myself.

8.  A good sale. Come on, don't we all love a good sale. I got a $94 dress for $7.99 at the outlet shops a while back, it made my day! I wore it to a friend's Engagement Party last night and got tons of compliments. I wanted to shout "ONLY 8 BUCKS!" but I used some restraint.

9. Photos. I need to take more but I love looking at photos of my loved ones.  Sometimes it's hard to get everyone to pose and if I am the one taking pics I am not in any so that sucks but I do love pictures.  

10.  Christmas. Christmas time bring back so many great memories so it's hard not to be happy that time of year. It's sometimes stressful but always beautiful. The best part of Christmas? Sipping hot cocoa and laughing my ass off for the 1002859358th time as Clark W. Griswold tries to host the perfect holiday! Gets me every time.

That's 10! 

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