Saturday, August 7, 2010

Deborah Lippmann: "Call Me Irresponsible" and a Press Release

Happy Saturday readers. Today my husband and I are going on a mini road trip with some great friends. Should be a good time. Before I go I thought I'd post since I didn't post a lot this week. I have another great Lippmann color to share with you, and this one is quite different from the other I reviewed.

This is Deborah Lippmann's Call Me Irresponsible and it's described as a "Vivacious violet (creme)". I find this color to be quite interesting. In the bottle it appears to be a medium toned blue based purple but on the nails it's more of a red based purple, strange how that happens huh? I think I like the color in the bottle slightly better but the color on the nails is pretty too.

The formula is described as a creme and it is, in that it has no glitter or sparkle. However, I'd say this really leans more to the jelly side of things. It's very sheer. My photos show three coats but I think it could benefit from one more coat to get it a touch more opaque. I am pretty sure the photos illustrate the jelly like quality I am speaking about, you know that super shiny, squishy looking, translucent type color. I think next time I will do four coats to see if I can get it more opaque but three coats is still something to look at. It's really really shiny which is a quality I ADORE in polish.

This one was slightly more difficult for me to apply than Don't Tell Mama was, but I think that's because I decided it would be a good idea to do my nails before going into my volunteer job so I, admittedly, was in a bit of a rush. I like that it went on pretty smoothly, since it's sort of a jelly my only issue was with some balding, so I'd say you just need to be careful when applying. I like that these polishes do not buildup on the side of the bottle. I HATE when you're applying polish and the opening gets caked with polish. Both of the Lippmann polishes I have reviewed do not do that which is great.

Can you see what I mean about the color in the bottle being more blue based and the color on the nails being more red based? Interesting right?

What do you think of Call Me Irresponsible?

I also received this press release from Deborah Lippmann featuring Lady Gaga. I am NOT fan of Gaga, I think she's totally overrated but there is no denying that she's a pop sensation at this point. So I am sure many of you were wondering what she was wearing on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine and it was a gorgeous color by Deborah Lippmann, see below:

Leading fashion manicurist Deborah Lippmann is the go-to girl for Hollywood’s hottest nails! The nail polish trend-maker styled Lady Gaga’s nails for Vanity Fair’s September cover with Waking Up In Vegas. The putty-licious gray crème is a super-sultry rendition of the popular grey-nail look.

The first time the pair met, Lippmann applied Ruby Red Slippers to the popstar’s nails—an encounter that inspired bold new addition to the Deborah Lippmann line, Bad Romance. Lippmann set out to capture all the elements of Gaga’s larger than life persona in a bottle and thought “What would Gaga do?” The result? Bad Romance—a moody, dark yet brilliantly provocative glitter polish. The chunky sequin shade reflects Gaga’s signature statement-making style and the bold message of the namesake song.

Deborah Lippmann and Lady Gaga:

Both colors are available on Deborah Lippmann's website. Waking Up In Vegas is $16 and Bad Romance is $18. Who's excited for these two beauties?

Prim and Polished

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For those prices I'm not that excited, eventhough they are beautiful polishes and I love seeing swatches of them.

I hear you, it's quite the splurge. I think it's one of those things you'd be happy to get as a gift LOL like if my hubby bought me one I'd be over the moon

This is a GORGEOUS color! Oh my goodness, as soon as I saw that I fell in love with it, great photos Gina! You guys have a fun weekend okay? :D

I think the difference in color is just because it's so sheer. It's like you can see the color wants to be the bottle color but doesn't have enough oomph to get there. With enough coats I think it would.
I'm not a fan of Gaga's music, it's completely not my taste, but there is something about her that I do secretly admire. WuiV is my kind of color but BR is on my wishlist. I like BR more than AtU though I know I'm in the minority :P I still can't bring myself to spend that much though so unless someone buys it for me I do'nt think I'll ever own it.

I really like Call Me Irresponsible; it's a gorgeous plum! I probably wouldn't buy it because Lippmann polishes are so darn expensive, but it's a very pretty color.

Nikki- glad you like it :-) I love purples I cannot get enough!! Hope your weekend was good, I had a great one!

Meeka - I agree. I actually saw a swatch on another blog this morning and it was 4 coats (mine is 3) and it was closer to the bottle color! I also like BR better than the other.

Zara - isn't it!!! I know, the price makes me cringe too, it's hard to drop that $ on polish!

aaaaggghhh i love this polish! i can't wait to get it :D i looks really amazing on you!