Monday, August 23, 2010

OPI: Glitzerland (Swiss Collection)

Happy Monday everyone. It's a yucky day here today, dreary, drizzly rain and actually pretty cold, in the 60s. Strange because it's been so hot and humid here. I can't complain too much though because there's been a drought here so we need the rain!

I told you a while back that I went shopping with my mom and she bought me some polishes and here's one of them, Glitzerland from OPI's Swiss Collection. This was the only color that stood out for me from this collection. It's got that lovely foil like finish too it which makes it sparkle in the sunshine. I love it! It's sort of like China Glaze's Swing Baby in finish but the color is different Glitzerland is more of a true yellow gold like the actual metal.

I like the finish on this one. It was easy to apply and required little clean up for me which is always a plus. I usually struggle with OPI's pro-wide brush but it worked well for me in this case. I just love this color and formula.

So do you like Glitzerland? What colors, if any, did you get from the Swiss Collection? Let me know in the comments!!!!!!

Prim and Polished


Yep, this definitely reminds me of Swing Baby. This color isn't for everyone, but it looks great on you.

Thanks!!! I am a big yellow gold fan, I agree, won't work for everyone. I think if you like yellow gold metals then it will be a great color, if you think sterling silver looks best on you pass on this!

I got Ski Teal we Drop and Diva of Geneva! I am scared that this one will wash me out... I had many bad experiences with golds...

Diva of Geneva is a nice one!!! Yes, sometimes golds just don't work!

This looks great on you. I love this color. Is it sad that I can't remember if I bought this one or not?