Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Poll: What's the most you'd spend on a single bottle of nail polish?

Hi everyone! I have created a new poll for you all to take. It's located in the right side bar. I am asking you to tell me what is the most you would spend on single bottle of nail polish. I am interested to see the results. One on end we have all of the wonderful high end brands with polishes over $20 and on the opposite end of the spectrum we have the wonderful retailers selling bottles for $2. So what say you? How much is too much to spend on polish.

Cast your vote in the poll to the right by August 12th and I will share the results with you then!! And feel free to sound off in the comments as well. I love to hear from you all!

Prim and Polished


I did the poll, but wanted to comment also. There are some really high end polishes I want (over $20) but I've found some polishes in the $1-$2 range that have been far superior then the $5-$11.

I wonder sometimes if the extra money is even worth it. If it had less chemicals, or was water based - maybe. but otherwise? I don't personally know.


I totally hear you on that! Some of my favorites are just $2. I sometimes cringe when I see a gorgeous unique colors for $18. It's hard to justify that price when you change polish so often it's hard to wear one over and over.

yesterday I spent the most ever on a polish...I treated myself with Chanels paradoxal...I had to have it :)

Enjoy it. We deserve a splurge sometimes right?

I spent $10 on one of the new Orly's and that's the most I've ever spent on a polish and I honestly can't imagining spending more than that

the most i've ever spent is $55 for a liquid euphoria polish. but before that (which was like...2 days ago) it was $23 for chanel.


Woah Sara! I think you might win! LOL