Friday, August 20, 2010

Wet n' Wild: "Hush Hush"

Happy Friday my friends!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful stress free week and are ready for a fun/relaxing weekend. On Wednesday I went to buy cat food because my husband (who feeds the cats) ran out and didn't tell me when I went grocery shopping earlier this week and of course I could not resist picking up a polish for my troubles (LOL any excuse right?). I went sort of outside the box with this pick because I do not normally wear colors like this or sheers but something drew me to this color!

Ever since I saw this post on Emerald Sparkled I have been obsessed with finding my perfect nude. I think this one comes close to the famous Turkish polish she showcased. What do you think?

This is Wet n Wild's Hush Hush it's a sheer milky white creme color and it's perfect for clean, professional manicured nails. I really like this color for the office and I think it still adds interest because it's on the whiter side; many times nude looks focus on pink which doesn't seem to work for me. Usually sheers look gross on me, they make my hands seem dirty or something. This one works with my skin tone though... well, I think so, what do you think?

I used 3 coats and I probably could have used 4 and had a teeny bit more opacity but this is pretty opaque for such a sheer color. Application was alright. This is the first Wet n Wild Megalast color I have tried and for $1.99 it's pretty good. I don't love the brush though. The shape is sort of irregular on the tip which made sort of a mess by the cuticles but nothing a little clean up didn't fix so no big deal really.

So, do you like colors like this? Do you think this looks good on me, you can tell me the truth, it won't hurt my feelings. Is this a sheer you'd rock? What are your favorite sheer colors? I would love some suggestions from you all.

Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for reading and don't be shy, comment! I love reading what you all have to say! Xoxox!

Prim and Polished


It's very, very pretty. Puts me in the mind of OPI's Bubble Bath. And for the W&W price tag you can't beat it... Have a great weekend!

I agree it reminds me of Bubble Bath. As someone who rarely wears this color I love the price too! Have a great weekend as well!