Monday, August 2, 2010

Deborah Lippmann: "Don't Tell Mama"

It's August already! Where oh where does the time go?

Today I have a gorgeous green color to share with you from Deborah Lippmann called Don't Tell Mama. Lippmann calls it "mood ring blue/green shimmer" and it totally does remind me of a mood ring! It's really quite gorgeous. It's deep, almost black, and complex. In some lights I see green, in some I see blue, it's like a mermaid fin! I just love it!!!

The formula is outstanding, and with a price tag of $16-$18 it better be! I really think you could tell it's high end. It applied flawlessly and it lasted for days! I took it off around day four but I had virtually no tip wear and no major chipping at all, I just wanted to change it. So the staying power to me is A+.

I went a little pic crazy, but I feel like each pic is slightly different so I had to post them all. Sorry in advance for that!

So what do you think? Worth splurging for? I really love it, I think if you're looking to spoil yourself Lippmann lacquers are a good way to do it. I really am impressed with the quality of these. I am sure I won't be running out and buying all of them (with the job situation LOL) but I do see some more in my future. You can purchase these on Deborah Lippman's website or at Nordstrom.
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This is a gorgeous shade.

Hope you'll find the job very soon. I'm in the same position - unemployed for quite some time now...

I hope you find a job soon too Biba, it's so hard to struggle with unemployment :(

Very pretty! I really hope you get a job soon... :(

Love this! It has such a great depth to it. I like it when polishes don't look shallow.

Thanks Zara. Me too!

Hahaha Milan

Tilly, I agree, this is so rich. I just love it.

This colour reminds me of Wet n Wild Craze in Morbid.