Thursday, August 12, 2010

Poll Results: What's the Most You'd Spend on a Single Bottle of Nail Polish

In this week's poll I asked you what's the most you'd spend on a single bottle of nail polish. The results are in and the majority of you said $6-10 which I would consider the average price of nail polish these days.

Me, I tend to fall into the $16-20 range, but that's only for EXTRA special polishes that are both high quality and unique, otherwise I am with the majority and like to see $6-10 when possible.

Is high end worth it? Sure, sometimes it's nice to splurge but it's not necessary to get a high quality product all the time, there are many affordable brands out there that offer polishes for under $5. So be a responsible shopper but don't feel guilty treating yourself every once in a while, you're worth it!

P.S. sorry the percentages aren't really visible, IDK what happened there.

Prim and Polished


I generally only pay that range for a polish, but if it's a special purchase/splurge, I'd probably bump it up to the next range.

I think it's a fair price for the product.

Great poll! On average I spent between the $6 - 10 because that is what is readily available. Thank goodness. But I do spend $18 on RBL's often enough too.

Looks like $5 took it with 53%. Otherwise the #'s don't add up. I don't mind spending a little more but the assumption that higher price always equals better quality is false.