Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Adventures in Konad-ing 2: The first (third?) design

I received my package from Wow So Cool and was so excited to get to stamping. Here's my first (third?) design to share with you. But first, let's talk about it.

Konad is NOT fool proof. It's incredibly frustrating to use. This attempt is DECENT but by no means is it perfect. This is my third try with the system, I should have taken pictures of the first failed attempts but I was so annoyed and throwing a FIT at that point that I decided to spare myself the agony of sharing my fail nails. What sucks the most is that basically if you mess one up you need to pretty much start over because it's polish!!

I found this incredibly helpful video on YouTube that has some great tips that I used to get the images below. Like I said, they are not perfect but this is much better than my first disastorous tries.

Tips from the video I found particularly helpful:

Holding the scraper at a 90 degree angle. Seems contrary to what you'd think (angling it a bit) but it worked wonders.

Cleaning off the plate and scraper AND stamper EACH time with acetone.
Tedious but 100% necessary.

That's all I can think of for now. I have to say this is a difficult product to use. I am going to have to practice a lot more to get better images.

Below is my third or so attempt, excuse the mess on my fingers I didn't feel like cleaning it off before taking pics. I am lazy.

Prim and Polished


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My best konad tip:
Do a thick coat of top coat over your mani and let it dry before konading, this way if you make a mistake you can take a qtip dipped in remover and lightly wipe the oops image off without destroying the manicure. I can usually do this a couple of times without disturbing my base polish.


You must be a perfectionist like a lot of us. I think that is gorgeous. :)
I put top coat on just before I Konad so if I make a mistake "sometimes" you can take polish remover and swipe it off quickly and not ruin the manicure. Have you tried that.
Can't wait to see more of your beauties.

Oh Gina, HIII. Haha! I can comment!
I think you did great for the third time around. I still can't Konad, but it's one of those things I'm going to try again this year, and I swear I'm going to master it! Haha! It's a cute design. ♥

Vanessa - did the tag on Legally Brunette :-) it was fun!

Evil Angel - GREAT idea! I will try that. Would make things so much easier if I could erase a nail! Thanks for the tip and for reading!!

Susie - I will try that next time I make a boo-boo. Yes I am a total perfectionist, I will look at the mistake forever LOL. Thanks for stopping in!

Nikki - so glad the comment worked for you! I was worried!!! Yes, it's a frustrating system. Be sure to try again and take pics for the blog!!

gilded angel - thanks so much!!!

Sarah - thank you :-)

Looks great to me!

I 2nd the topcoat tip. It will make your life much easier!

It looks amazing!
Just keep trying, my Konad is very new as well, so I have been practicing too. I posted my first 3 KOTD on my blog.
Experiment with all kinds of polish, you never know what will work with it. I used the American Apparel polishes with success!

Thanks Kristen!!! I am deff going to try that!

Claudia - thanks! I will have to check out your Konads!! I am dying to get some of those American Apparel polishes they look awesome!

Looks super cute! That top coat tip is a life saver in most cases.

WOW! Great job on this konadicure. I love it.