Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pure Ice "Taupe Drawer" Two Colors, One Name

Two polishes, the same name, completely different colors. Both of these colors are from Pure Ice (available at Walmart for just $2 each), and both are named "Taupe Drawer". I thought it would be nice to give you all a comparison photo so you can see the extreme difference between the two versions.

I love both colors they're gorgeous! One is a light neutral pink color that I think is perfect for the office, job interviews or any other situation where conservative is the norm. The other is a really pretty purple/blackberry-ish color. Neither is taupe to me but "Taupe Drawer" is the name of both.

Both, in my opinion, are extremely high quality formulas. I love how these apply. Smooth, no streaks and opaque enough in just two coats. For $2 it amazes me that these are some of my favorite polishes, they're really a pleasure to apply.

I know I have seen the darker version, 966, in stores recently, but I cannot recall if I have seen the lighter pink, 920CP, in stores. I will have to check next time I make my way to Walmart.

I do hope this post helps those of you who thought they might have seen two versions of the same color. You're not crazy, you did!!!

920CP is on the ring and pinky fingers, and 966 is on the pointer and middle fingers. As always click photos to enlarge.

Prim and Polished


Isn't it!? I love them both though so it's all good with me!

Wow, that is no batch gone wrong lol!

They have another one I've seen online, I think it's called splash, there's a pink one and a blue one, I don't know if they're in stores, but yeh they have no more than 30 polishes and they can't think up original names? Crazy

Danica that's crazy! I mean really, you're right, they can't come up with new names?!

lol how funny, question is, is it a batch gone wrong or are they running out of names??

Update: I was at Walmart today and indeed these are both available still and both named Taupe Drawer. Creative!