Saturday, January 9, 2010

Poll Results: What's your favorite polish formula?

This week's poll asked you what your favorite nail polish formula was and the results are in. I allowed you guys to pick multiple answers because sometimes we like more than one the most!

Looks like the cremes reign supreme with 6 out of 9 favoring them. I too voted creme and I also voted jelly.

I love cremes because they're smooth, highly pigmented and classic. I love jellies because of their novelty and wet look. I also like some glitters but did not call them a favorite. I hate shimmery/frost shades. They show all imperfections and streak like mad. Not a fan.

Jelly and frost tied with 3 votes. While no one seems to favor mattes, sheers, or suedes. I can see why those trends like matte and suede wouldn't be a classic favorite. And french or sheer is usually a bit safe for lacquerheads.

Two of you selected other, which makes me wonder what I forgot to add to the list!! (?)

If you forgot to vote this week leave a comment sharing your favorite formula!!

Prim and Polished


Oh this is so interesting to read! I'm not sure about the missing finishes, but some of my favorites include flakies, duochromes and holographic nail polishes. Or aren't these considered a finish?

Hi Michele! You're right! I needed to think outside the box a little more.

I haven't tried a flakie but I am dying too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How the heck did I forget holos!!!??!??!