Saturday, January 2, 2010

Poll Results: What is your favorite nail polish brand?

Two blog posts in one day!? I am on FIRE! LOL. Don't forget to check out my post today on LA Girl Rock Star "Live on Stage" I am really loving that polish (see below).

I just wanted to share the results of my first poll here at Prim and Polished. I asked what your favorite nail polish brand is and 15 of you have spoken and the winner is.... OPI!!! 7 of you prefer OPI followed closely by 5 of you choosing China Glaze!!

What makes OPI such a favorite? I imagine their vast color selection, frequent special collections and quality give them an edge. While they are a touch pricey for some they are readily accessible, often on sale, and not THAT expensive (think Rescue Beauty Lounge!)

I voted on the poll and I choose China Glaze. I really love their product, I think the formula is consistently good, they're inexpensive, have a huge color selection and great staying power. I wish they were easier to find in physical locations other than Sally Beauty, but hey, what are you gonna do right?!

If you missed the poll please let me know in the comments below what your favorite polish brand is and why!

Don't forget to vote in the new poll asking what your favorite polish formula is!!

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I love OPI because of the colour range, the brush and the formula.
Me and ChG don't really get along. If they didn't make such cool polish I probably would never buy ChG again.

But I also love Orly and Misa. I don't have many yet but man those formulas rock!

Hi Kristen!

Thanks so much for sharing!!! I love all the different views!

I had a bad experience with Misa but if I can get my hands on Dirty Sexy Money I will give them a try again LOL, that color is gorgeous!

I love China Glaze, I will admit though they thicken up on me rather quickly if I use them a lot. My favorite color is Spontaneous!

British racing green is one of my favorite FAVORITE colors!