Friday, January 15, 2010

Coming Soon: The Essie Art of Spring Collection

Click image for a larger photo.

Essie's Art of Spring Collection will be available in February 2010 and features 6 colors inspired by the fabrics featured in the Spring 2010 fashion shows. The colors include:

Pop Art Pink: Sheer chiffon pink.
Lilacism: Satiny smooth lilac.
Neo Whimsical: Light as Feather Rose-Plum
Van D'Go: A deliciously ripe melon
Tart Deco: Creamy Dreamy Coral
Red Nouveau:Fiery Hot Red Pepper

I am excited about this collection, especially Van D'Go and Tart Deco. I am intered in Lilacism because I adore purples but I want to make sure it isn't sheer as some Essie colors can be.

I am a fan of Essie, I think they have an excellent formula. I am not a fan of sheers and they do carry tons of sheers, but hey, someone has to.

Are you interested in this collection? Which colors are you excited to purchase? I am going to wait for swatches to hit the blogs before ordering these in February.

*All information comes from the press contact at Essie. Any information shared on this blog about upcoming collections is directly from the company so you can trust what you see here.

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