Monday, January 4, 2010

OPI: Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees

Long enough name for you? I swear these people who name OPI polish are off their rocker!! "Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees" debuted with the Fall/Winter 2009 Collection entitled Coleccion de Espana. OPI describes the color as "deep blue-gray" and I'd say that's pretty accurate. Deep is the key word, this is almost black in certain lighting. I hope that I was able to capture the blue-gray nature of the color though because it really is quite pretty.

Note: I realize now that I accidently tagged these photos with "skies" not "skis" I am way too lazy to change it but it's "skis" Sorry!

"Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees" is a creme formula (my favorite!). I feel like this one was pretty thin. At one coat it was streaky and left some bald spots. I needed three coats to get it opaque, which is fine, but the formula was a touch difficult to work with IMO.

Like all OPI polishes this bottle sports my nemesis, the dreaded pro-wide brush. I HATE that thing! I hate it so much that I am seriously considering not buying OPI ever again, GASP, I KNOW!!!!!!!! That brush seriously makes such a mess on me, and I don't think I have small nails or anything. I just cannot get that stupid brush to stay away from my skin. I have to give myself a messy mani and then pick off the polish from my skin in the shower. (Good trick BTW, the hot water makes it a cinch to get the polish off of your skin).

I hope you can see how pretty this color is. It's not black but it's close. It's a gorgeous dark gray with hints of deep blue. My husband picked it out for me he said he likes dark polish, who knew!?! I think this will make a nice base coat for a Konad design in White. We'll see won't we?

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