Saturday, January 9, 2010

China Glaze: Dripping Wet

Last month I won a contest hosted by Mary over at Body & Soul and one of the two polished I received was China Glaze's Dripping wet.

This polish is a gorgeous chocolate raspberry jelly (doesn't that sound yum?). The jelly formula is gorgeous. I adore jellies. While jellies are on the sheer side and I hate sheers there is something about the finish I can't get enough of. Jellies in deep shades like this one have that "wet" look quality. The photos below are 3 coats, and as you can see it's still a touch see through but I really love the look. Dark but not. Opaque but not quite.

China Glaze is my favorite company. I love their formulas and brush and this one was no exception. The brush is the perfect size for easy application. This one streaked a bit but that's just the jelly nature. The first coat is like a sheer stain of raspberry, the second coat deepens a bit to a squishy burgandy and the third coat results in the color pictured. I imagine one more coat would bring out the deepness of the color, because as you can see in the bottle it really is quite dark.

I am pretty positive this is an old discontinued color, but if you like jellies and can find this one pick it up, it's a fun vampy color!

Prim and Polished


Ooh I have a thing for jellies too! Soo smooth I just keep petting my nails al day :')

Love this colour!!

Hi Michèle,

Don't you wish there were more jellies out there!?!!? By the way, I love your blog!!

That is a beautiful color on you!

Jellies are so much fun! That color is gorgeous on you.

Thanks girls! I am beginning to like darker colors.

Oh, pretty! This is on my list to pick up, I've seen some lovely swatches of it. Kind of HTF but you can get ahold of it still sometimes through some etailers!

Hi Nicole!! It's deff worth picking up if you can find it! If I see it I will let you know for sure. I think it's a color you'd really love!!!

I dont get it whyyyyyy is this color discontinued nicole i want it sooo bad