Sunday, January 24, 2010

OPI "Mad As a Hatter" (Alice in Wonderland Collection)

Now if you know anything about me you'd know I am a HUGE Disney fan! Alice in Wonderland is one of my all time favorite Disney animated classics and what lacquer fanatic and Disneyphile wouldn't love a nail polish inspired by a favorite childhood film? Alright, or the Tim Burton version, still Disney! (Which by the way, I am excited for and scared of his version at the same time. HATED what he did with Wonka)

"Mad as a Hatter" is one of the four nail polishes in OPI's Alice In Wonderland Collection. OPI describes the color as "a madly marvelous black multi-glitter" which I think is fairly accurate. To be clear though, OPI makes it sound like it is a rainbow glitter in a black polish base, and it is not. It is a clear base with black and rainbow glitter, black glitter, not black polish. Does that make sense?

The black glitter in this helps to make the color pretty opaque in three coats. I'd say what I see mostly in this polish is heavy black and silver glitter with teal, red, purple and yellow glitter. The black and silver dominate but the other colors are still quite visible.

I liked this polish but I would have been more excited if it were truly a black polish base with rainbow glitter. Perhaps I need to check out NYX "Asphalt" which looks to be what I was looking for. I wore this for a day and 1/2 and it chipped a ton!!! I did go bowling with it on, but honestly it was chipped well before that. I got a nice compliment from my sister in law at dinner though. She said "Let me see your nails!!" all excited and said "that is gorgeous". I always get a kick out of nail polish compliments because besides my husband I am not sure if anyone realizes how much time and effort I actually put into lacquer LOL.

This was a NIGHTMARE to remove, as most glitters are. Oh my, tons of acetone, tons of cotton, and some glitter residue.

Of the polishes in this collection I do think this and "Absolutely Alice" are my favorites. I only purchased this one though. Did you purchase anything from the collection?

Prim and Polished


I didn't get anything from this collection. Was thinking of getting this one, but I'm not huge on glitters because of what a nightmare they are to remove. It does look pretty on you though! :)


Yes, it was awful getting this off. I hate that!! The only glitters I have no trouble removing are China Glaze "Ruby Pumps" & "Emerald Sparkle" I think the jelly base helps. This one was BRUTAL!

It looks so gorgeous, I hope that I will be able to find it!

I got mine at!

I had trouble with comments yesterday, so i sent an email to Gina. It's about a way to sweap of those glitters in 1-2-3. Thought everybody knew about it, but it turnes out they don't. Sharing:

A mini tutorial:

About glitter removal (and this WORKS, ladies):

1. Soak cotton (little more than the size of your nail) in polish remover

2. Put it on your nail

3. Quickly wrap nail and finger with alu-foil or plastic foil (to prevent evaporating)

4. Leave for 4-5 minutes (Don't be tempted by impatience, it HAS to stay on for this amount of time)

5. Jiggle a little while removing

6. Voilá; glitter is gone.

A real winner.