Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Adventures in Konading IV: Four Leaf Clover & For Audrey M63 Plate

It's official. I HATE Konad. It's horrible to work with, never comes out right and take so much time. I HATE it. HATE HATE. I envy those of you with the ability to create flawless Konadicures but I am not one of you.

Today I tried China Glaze's "For Audrey" for my stamping polish. Before you tell me the reason I hate Konad is because I don't use their special polishes I assure you I have tried numerous times to use their special polishes with horrible results. To be honest, these came out better than those. I used plate M63 to stamp the design and as polishes go I think "For Audrey" worked pretty well. My bottle is a bit thick though as I have had it a long time, so perhaps that helped.

I topped the design with Matte Magic, which is wonderful.

I thought I'd share this photo with you. I took the polish off minutes after photographing. Even though this hand looks decent the other hand was a disaster. I seriously give up on this stupid stamping system and I am sick about wasting my money on it. Off to paint my nails...

Prim and Polished


My secret with the konad- don't do every nail. I've given up on doing every nail with the konad because it takes wayyyy too long and I always screw up. Plus, I can't get them lined up the same everytime (the nail tip plate was a worthless buy- always crooked). I usually test the results of the polish I'm using on paper first so I can make sure it is thick enough.

That's the problem I have, even with full nail designs I cannot get them in the same spit each time.

Good idea on doing just a few nails. Maybe I will stick to the flower patterns and stuff and just do the ring fingers.

Thanks for reading!

Haha, this is why I won't start using stamps, I know I'll mess it up and get annoyed! I can't even paint my nails just how I'd like them.

@gildedangel: thanks!

@Rebecca: yup, it's SUPER annoying!!! I wish I never purchased! Ugh, I could have gotten 5 or more polishes for the price!

Oh no! So I have to ask, what polishes are you using to stamp with? And are you using pure acetone to clean the plates, stamper and scraper? I made these mistakes and nearly threw the whole system out the window. Oh, and stupid me ordered mine from China! Not knowing that there was a distributor less than 100 miles away from me. So I invested a lot (shipping) up front. If you have any questions, feel free to email me, Maybe I can help???

Hi Cindy!

Usually I use either Konad Special Polish in White or Black. Had decent luck with white, ZERO luck with the black. Tried this china glaze today but usually stick to their polishes.

I am using Acetone to clean the plate each time, and the scraper and the stamper! IDK what my problem is! I think the placement of the stamp is what messes me up!

This is stunning! I've order For Audrey, and now I'm regretting not to choose M63 in my Konad order!

Thanks Miss Marlboro! You're going to LOVE For Audrey, it's one of my favorites!!

I think this came out really cool looking! I'm sorry to hear you're getting so frustrated with it. I did too at first. One thing I've learned is that you can't be too much of a perfectionist with it or you'll probably always be disappointed. Takes tons of practice. I used my kids' hands to practice on. Lol. I still have days where I just CAN'T get it right!

I guess that's the issue, being too much of a perfectionist. I feel like I want it to look amazing but it always disappoints :(

Man, I dunno if you've been reading my mind or what - but my goal is to try to do Konad by the end of my vacation or I will throw it out the window! Haha! But seriously, I can't seem to get it right. Shame, SO many cute designs!

LOL Nicole, I totally have the urge to toss it out the window as well! So frustrating. Hopefully by 2011 we can say we can Konad! LOL