Thursday, January 14, 2010

Comparison: Smoky Taupes

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I thought I would give you guys a quick comparison of some taupe-y/muted purple shades. I know I posted before that "You Don't Know Jacques" and "Metro Chic" were amazingly similar, however I think when I compared them side by side so closely I can see that "Metro Chic" is in fact much lighter and actually does lean a bit purple, which I didn't think it did (on me) before. I think because I put the "Metro Chic" so close to a purple the purple comes out a bit more.

I put "Parlez-Vous OPI?" in this one as well so that you can see how it compares the the taupes and how the taupes can lean purple. I know it's not in the exact color family but the colors play similarly to the eye.

The pinky is my favorite mushroomy color Orly's "Country Club Khaki". I think this color is the best of that class. It's MUCH lighter than "You Don't Know Jacques" but I do consider them to be in the same family. I think "Country Club Khaki" is just the prettiest neutral/mushroom/taupe color there is. I will do a full hand swatch of it soon to give it full credit. It's really beautiful. I always get complimented when I wear it and depending on who you ask they will describe it as a taupe, gray or purple (because believe it or not in the right light its close to a subtle lilac-y color). I love it.

I do have some other grays I left out of this comparison (one by Pure Ice which is a true light gray color) I will pull those out another time and do another comparison for you all. I hope this was helpful.

Prim and Polished


Very helpful post! Thanks! ChG Channelesque is closest to Metro Chic, right?

Glad you found it helpful girls!

I am not sure about Channelesque, it's been a color I've been dying to try but haven't got a hold of! :(

Thanks for the comparison. I am really wanting the Sephora OPI Metro Chic and a couple others :)

Cindy I love colors like these. I think my least fav is You Don't Know Jacques even though it's such a cult fav (though the suede version looks amazing)! Let me know if you get any!

Thanks for the comparison! Think I like the Orly one best!

I agree Michele it's such a gorgeous color!!!

Nice Gina! I think that Channelesque is somewhere between Parlez Vous OPI and Metro Chic, it's got a definite purple tint to it. I just got it the other day with my Up and Away collection! Hopefully you'll get your hands on it too.

Hi Nicole!!! Thanks for the info on Channelesque! I just love these kinds of purples, IDK what it is because purple is so not my fav color on anything but nails! (Sooo excited, my Up & Away is on the way, hopefully here before Monday)